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2021- World of Wheels Custom Auto Show-Birmingham, Al.

Written by  March 1, 2021

  Finally!! Something to do around here, something that feels a little like normal. There have been NO events at the Birmingham Jefferson Civic Center since the start of this pandemic, actually, I think that last years show may have been the last event there, and since this year marks the 50thg anniversary of the Birmingham show, it was a good thing that it didn't get canceled like the Nashville show did back in January.


Everyone is watching this show to see how we can move forward with planning events in the Birmingham area in the future. All precautions were taken, things disinfected, hand sanitizers in place and masks were worn, so we shouldn't expect any outbreaks to come from it

  This year, to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Birmingham show, Cycle Connections, in conjunction with the World of Wheels and with the help of the Law Tigers, held an online contest for people to send in photos of their hot rides from which we chose a winner to receive a pair of complimentary tickets to go see the show and one lucky winner to be able to enter their bike in the show.

The winner of the complimentary tickets was: Johnny Brooks and the winner that got to put his bike in the show was: James Winters. Both were very excited with their win, as were we. James was so excited that he even brought a second bike to enter into the show and just made a big weekend party out of it, making for a pretty cool Valentines Day for them. Both bikes took home a first place win in their classes; also, both bikes took home the "Top 5 Award"! The second bike entered was a green chopper named "Envy"; it also took home the "Best First Time Shown Motorcycle" AND "Best Bike" in Gold Star Competition. I'd say that was something to be very excited about. We're all so very happy for them.

Footnote: James Winters also owns WVC Motorcycle Garage in Prattville, Alabama, where they have a pretty large bike night where the proceeds go to various charities. They are also very much involved with other charitable events. It was so nice to see his family and friends come out to join him in celebrating his win. This win couldn't have gone to a better bunch of just awesome folks.2021 world of wheels 47

The show opened on Friday, February the 12th with shows starting at 4:00pm on the Weil Wrecker Service Celebrity Stage. Kicking off the weekend of entertainment was the Cahawba Brothers at 4:00 & 6:00, then Kevin Adams at 5:00 & 8:00, JoJo Wilkinson (female race car driver) from 6:00 -8:00. At 7:00pm there was a live video call AND jam session from Scott McCreery. The Cahawba Brothers, JoJo Wilkinson and Kevin Adams would return to do shows on Saturday and Sunday along with Magician, Curt Anderson.

  Returning this year was the Birmingham H.O.G group, "Showtime", always a fan favorite, who had their front-and-center large space filled with witcked cool and it was also good to see our buddies from the Faith Riders at the show this year.

  Also all weekend there were Costume Characters that would make several appearances each day throughout the weekend, much to the excitement of the kids. There was a bungee jump and "Hot Wheels Racing", the "Wonder Bread " racecar from Talladega Nights, "Barney" in from Mayberry with his one bullet and the "Fastest Cars in the Dirty South". Von Hot Rod, Master Pin Striper was at his booth pin stripping most anything people brought him to do. Then the award presentation took center stage on Sunday at 4:30pm.2021 world of wheels 12021 world of wheels 22021 world of wheels 32021 world of wheels 42021 world of wheels 52021 world of wheels 62021 world of wheels 72021 world of wheels 82021 world of wheels 92021 world of wheels 102021 world of wheels 112021 world of wheels 122021 world of wheels 0132021 world of wheels 142021 world of wheels 0152021 world of wheels 162021 world of wheels 172021 world of wheels 182021 world of wheels 192021 world of wheels 202021 world of wheels 212021 world of wheels 222021 world of wheels 232021 world of wheels 242021 world of wheels 252021 world of wheels 262021 world of wheels 272021 world of wheels 282021 world of wheels 292021 world of wheels 302021 world of wheels 312021 world of wheels 322021 world of wheels 332021 world of wheels 342021 world of wheels 352021 world of wheels 362021 world of wheels 372021 world of wheels 382021 world of wheels 392021 world of wheels 402021 world of wheels 412021 world of wheels 422021 world of wheels 432021 world of wheels 442021 world of wheels 462021 world of wheels 482021 world of wheels 492021 world of wheels 502021 world of wheels 45