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12th Annual Barber Vintage Festival - Birmingham, Alabama

Written by  November 29, 2016

The “Old” Guys made their way to the Barber Motorsports Park in Birmingham, Alabama on October 12, 2016 for the start of the Barber Vintage Festival, presented by Triumph.

You couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for the entire weekend. This event gets bigger and better each year, as it continues to grow in size and fan base. This year drew a record number of folks from all across the country, and other countries as well. This year’s attendance reached 73,651, compared to last year’s attendance of 69,624.

Part of the expansion this year was in the museum, which grew its space by 84,650 square feet, with even more reasons to say “Wow!” The museum hosted seminars from, Justin Harvey-James (factory records for BSA, Triumph, Norton and Ariel: Essential Information for Buyers & Restorers), Bryan Fuller, Wayne Carini and Hagerty, Kim van der Sleesen-Vanson Leathers, as well as Don Hutchinson and John Healy with Leo Goff. The Ace Corner hosted the Rock & Roll party, raffles, best seat in the house, custom bike show, and ice cold Beer.

There were bike shows put on by the AMCA Antique Motorcycles, the VJMC Motorcycle, and Classic Vintage Motorcycles. There were also cross country racing, vintage cross country, road racing on the track, and the ever-popular Century Parade, for the 100-year-old and older bikes, and some of the riders appeared to be close to that age as well, which was awesome!

What was not advertised and was most anticipated by the fans, next to the Century Parade, were the sidecars. They did race them, but they had put them at the end of the day when some people had already left for the day.

During the event we met some really cool folks with the sidecars, including some with a little “Hollywood” connection, who were stars in their own right, as they are the National Champions – F-1 Side Car. To tell you the truth, at least one of them looked more like a Rock star, which was too funny, and we weren’t the first to tell him that. Bernard the driver and Kevin “Chango” Kautzky the monkey were both great guys!

There were a ton of vendors in the Fan Zone, with no shortage of good food, like the Cantina on Wheels, where you could get your Mexican food fix. Other popular activities included the KTM Demo rides, a Monster Energy KSFMX Freestyle Motocross show, and the Globe of Death and the Wall of Death rounded out the events going on in the Fan Zone. And let’s not forget the rows upon rows of swap meet vendors, which had to be one of the largest in the country. There was so much fun packed into this little weekend!

One of the official sponsors of the Vintage Festival was the Metal Rescue, Rust Remover Bath, “for all your motorcycle parts”, used and trusted by The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum and Frank Fritz of American Pickers, who we were told was there for the weekend, but we missed him.