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Flat Track Motorcycle Racing at Lakeside Speedway - Kansas City, Kansas

Written by  June 18, 2016

After an absence of many years, on Saturday, June 7 flat track motorcycle racing returned to Lakeside Speedway’s 4/10-mile dirt oval track in Kansas City, Kansas. Gates opened at noon with tickets priced at $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, students, and military, and $6 for kids age 7 through 12. Practice and qualifying occurred during the afternoon with racers ranging in age from 5 to 70-something, 155 entries in all. There were 21 classes with competitors from California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Missouri, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and one from as far away as Lake Wyangan, Australia. Several of the riders competed in multiple classes. The crowd favorites were the three young riders who raced 50 c.c. bikes around pylons forming a short course on the track in front of the grandstand.

Prior to the start of the heat races, all of the racers lined up on the track in front of the grandstand for introductions and several interviews conducted by race promoter Paul Covert of Crooked Creek Promotions. The guys and gals raced hard for a piece of the $7,500 purse (for the pro’s) and for the thrill of competition. The track was rough but the racing was fast. There was a long delay between the heat races and the start of the features in order to try to make the track safer for the racers, and flagman Randy Koster did not drop the green flag to begin the first feature race until about 10:00 p.m. During the intermission, one of the riders did some wheelies to entertain the crowd. Several of the main events included more than a dozen bikes. For the classes with few bikes, some of the mains ran fewer laps, and a couple of the smaller classes ran in a combined race. Sometimes the close racing was at the front and sometimes back in the pack. At least one of the main events featured a duel for the lead on every lap with a pass for the victory on the final lap. The final checkered flag waved just before midnight. Due to the delays, the crowd that was large at the beginning had thinned out considerably.

Paul Covert was apologetic about the track maintenance situation but stressed that the safety of the riders was the primary concern. It’s dangerous enough even with the best of track conditions. Paul later posted the following information on Facebook: “Here is the background story on what went down at Lakeside Speedway yesterday. This photo (of water truck stuck in mud) is from Friday night's car race. During the heats, the water truck went out to throw down some moisture to knock the dust down. In the middle of turns 1 and 2, the track actually collapsed, and the truck sunk to the axles. This just one of 4 holes that were on that end of the track. After the car program, Pete Howey and his crew gave me free reign to start getting ready for motorcycles immediately after the car races. I was packing and grading until 1:30 a.m. when a downpour of over an inch of rain stopped me. As soon as I was able to get on the track Saturday, we worked non-stop all day, but we could not fill and pack the holes. We tried every imaginable thing, and nothing worked. There was no available racing line around that end of the track, and things were looking bad. Darren, the Lakeside track prep guy, finally got some dirt to sort of stay in the holes. By that time, all moisture around the track was gone, and we had no choice but to get the program going. Practice and heats were run on sketchy marbles, and the racers responded perfectly by riding with control and good judgement. Pete Howey is a great guy, and he was happy with the conduct and the character of our racers. We will be back, and have a new plan to create a more racy surface.”

Having grown up in Stockton, Kansas, I was thrilled and privileged to watch great flat track racing on the historic half-mile oval at the Rooks County Fairgrounds every year during the county fair. The races at Lakeside brought back a lot of memories, and I even got to see some of the same riders that were on the track during my high school days.

Here are the results of the feature races:

250-450 amateur:
1-#13-Hon-Billy Smith-Norton, Kansas
2-# 92P-Kaw-Kyler Adams-O’Fallon, Illinois
3-# 43-KTM-Dallas Boyd-Chillicothe, Missouri

Over 50 pro:
1-# 3-Hon-Jeff Hawbaker-Floyd, Iowa
2-# 12-KTM-Jimmie O’Dell, Jr.-Spring Hill, Kansas
3-# 33-Yam-Eric Bland-Thornton, Colorado

85 c.c.:
1-# 12-Kaw-Parker Robinson-Mahoon, Illinois
2-# 6-Hon-Peece Pottorf-Highland, Kansas
3-# 55G-Hon-Avery Brewer-Hoisington, Kansas

Open Knobby:
1-# 311-KTM-Perry Keegan-Olathe, Kansas
2-# 85-KTM-Jerald Pemberton, City not listed, Missouri

Vintage 250-400:
1-# 4-Bul-Bill Snyder-Manhattan, Kansas
2-# 7-Yam-Keith Chesney-Woodston, Kansas
3-# 94W-KTM-Wesley Cline-Independence, Missouri

80’s Singles Pro:
1-# 89N-Yam-Robby England-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
2-# 69B-Rot-Jeff Bullington-Watertown, Tennessee
3-# 96-Yam-Chad Beckley-Fairgrove, Missouri

Vintage Twin Amateur:
1-# 22-H-D-David Stock-Pueblo West, Colorado
2-# 66-Yam-Jody Hale-Ozark, Missouri
3-# 27-Yam-Brian Slominski, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Vintage 250 Amateur:
1-# 4-Bul-Bill Snyder-Manhattan, Kansas
2-# 7-Yam-Keith Chesney-Woodston, Kansas
3-# 20M-Yam-Brigitta Meyer-Garland, Nebraska

Open Brakeless:
1-# 12-Oth-Jimmie O’Dell, Jr.-Spring Hill, Kansas
2-# 94W-KTM-Wesley Cline-Independence, Missouri

Open Pro:
1-# 20-Hon-Jarod Vanderkool-Mt. Gilead, Ohio
2-# 22I-Hon-Michael Toon-Goddard, Kansas
3-# 33G-Hon-Brandon Werner-Byers, Colorado

Vet 30+ AM:
1-# 13-Hon-Billy Smith-Norton, Kansas
2-# 81I-KTM-Marc Boyd-Chillicothe, Missouri
3-# 99-Yam-Patrick De Cook-Raytown, Missouri

Open Quad:
1-# 226-Hon-Josh Smoot-Topeka, Kansas
2-# 75-Hon-Daniel Shively-Topeka, Kansas
3-# 99-Hon-Dustin Miller-Westmoreland, Kansas

Vintage Open Amateur:
1-# 74-Yam-David Doubleday-Divide, Colorado
2-# 4-Bul-Bill Snyder-Manhattan, Kansas
3-# 20M-Brigitta Meyer-Garland, Nebraska

50 c.c.:
1-# 10G-KTM-Peyton Lomas-Hoisington, Kansas
2-# 22-KTM-Dalton Hunn-Bel Aire, Kansas
3-# 9-KTM-Cooper Young-Lansing, Kansas

Sportsman Single:
1-# 40-Yam-Jason Yager-El Dorado, Kansas
2-# 89N-Yam-Robby England-Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
3-# 42M-Yam-Mike Newton-Kiefer, Oklahoma

125-250 c.c.:
1-# 12-Kaw-Parker Robinson-Mahoon, Illinois
2-# 92P-Kaw-Kyler Adams-O’Fallon, Illinois
3-# 8-Hon-Austin DeBoard-Wichita, Kansas

Mad Dawg 18+:
1-# 212-Un-Johnny Schmidt-Kansas City, Kansas

Vintage 60+ Amateur:
1-# 68-Hon-Jim Edwards-Evan, Colorado
2-# 74-Yam-David Doubleday-Divide, Colorado
3-# 86Y-Tri-Mike Gallup-Warensburg, Missouri

Vintage Twins:
1-# 40-Yam-Jason Yager-El Dorado, Kansas
2-# 42M-Yam-Mike Newton-Kiefer, Oklahoma
3-# 7X-H-D-Tim Lindfors-Salina, Kansas

Open Amateur:
1-# 13-Hon-Billy Smith-Norton, Kansas
2-# 92P-Kaw-Kyler Adams-O’Fallon, Illinois
3-# 7-Hon-Anthony Lochbaum-Stephenville, Texas

450 Pro:
1-# 20-Hon-Jarod Vanderkool-Mt. Gilead, Ohio
2-# 51P-Kaw-Cole Zabala-Collinsville, Illinois
3-# 31G-Hon-Dylan Belt-Hoisington, Kansas

Photos by Stripe

Video by Randall “Sea Hawk” Hauk with Sea Hawk Media Productions



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