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Febe Ström & Her 3 Wheels Bastard Trike

Written by  January 1, 2013

A few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from one of our readers in Stockholm, Sweden named Peter Ström. Peter told me about a Custom Sportster Chopper he'd built for himself, which we featured in our December 2012 issue, as well as a custom trike he'd build for his wife Febe. He asked if I was interested in taking a look at a few photos, which he was happy to send me.

Peter also sent me several photos and information on his step-daughter’s bike, and a friend’s custom chopper. I was excited to feature Febe’s trike in this month’s issue, and I also plan to publish photos and details on the other bikes he sent me in future issues.

According to Febe, her and Peter wanted to build a trike that was more like a chopper than a trike, with it being long, clean and low. Febe told us that the idea for the trike was her husband's, and little bit of hers. They then had Calles Chopperdelar Sweden build the frame per their specifications.

When asked why a trike, Febe said “Although I have a muscle disease, I can drive my bike and join my husband and friends on the roads.” Febe took her bike out for the first time in late April, and since then has ridden to numerous motorcycle events and bike shows. She also told us “We take the bikes for a ride and have coffee with friends. I’m using my Trike when I travel to and from work in the summertime. We've travelled around Sweden on our vacation, both on the mainland and on the beautiful island of Gotland in Sweden's east coast. We also take short rides to and around our capital of Stockholm, Sweden. We are on the road 6000 km every season.”

When asked how the trike handles, she said “It handles like a go-cart. The bike is great, smooth to ride, easy to handle, fast and very reliable. This is my personal bike built just for me.”

Since 2009, Febe’s trike has been featured in several motorcycle magazines, and she's also entered it in numerous bike shows in which she’s taken home several trophies and awards.

When asked if there were any particular features she liked most about her trike, she said “The auto clutch is really a cool part, and it makes my driving so much easier. I just release the throttle and switch gears. I also love my real brass knuckles at the rear of the trike, and for my foot pegs, which we found at an arms exhibition. They look like brass knuckles that I bought in the US. I also like the wording on the bike, which can be annoying for some people, especially those who ride baggers.”



- Owner: Febe Ström

- Year: 2009, rebuild 2012

- Fabrication: Ace performance and Peter Ström

- Assembly: Peter Ström / Kenta Falkered /Ace performance

- Build Time: 12 months

- Engine: Harley-Davidson FXR 1340 cc

- Heads: Harley-Davidson

- Carb: CV

- Pipes: Inferno by FSD Design

- Transmission: Harley-Davidson

- Primary: Harley-Davidson

- Clutch: EFM auto clutch

- Frame: Calles Chopperdelar Sweden (from my husband’s specs)

- Rake: 42 degrees

- Stretch: 4 inch stretch/single down tube

- Forks: DNA Bullet

- Fork length: +18 inches

- Additional rake in trees: 6 inches

- Front wheel: 21X2,15 40 spokes with brass nipples

- Rear wheel: Alu wheels 10 inches

- Front Tire: Avon 90/90-21 inch

- Rear Tire: Avon 295/50-15' Hankook

- Front Brake: DNA

- Rear Brake: DNA

- Fuel Tank: 22” Choppertank 4.1 gallon with knock-off gas cap

- Oil Tank: Round, special made by CCS

- Handlebars: Special made by CCS

- Headlight: Bates 4 inch

- Hand Controls: Kustom Tech Delux polish/brass

- Grips: Biltwell Kung Fu grips

- Foot Controls: DNA

- Pegs: Custom Brass Knuckles

- Electrical: Peter Ström

- Painter: Juri Haglund at Airbrush Studio Stockholm

- Color: Raw metal and clear coat

- Graphics: Gold Leaf and text

- Seat: Custom made by Peter Ström

Special Thanks to my husband Peter, who helped make my dream come true!

Photos by Peter Ström


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