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Daytrippin to Blue Gill Grill

Written by  CindyLou September 1, 2022

   CindyLou's Blue Gill Grill Ride August 13:

   I headed out about 7:45 a.m. to meet the group in Cullman, AL, After riding for a bit, my bike appeared to be losing power and I started smelling burning rubber! My backpack had slipped off the back of the bike, while the straps held it on my back tire! It burned and shredded the backpack, along with my H.D. leather jacket, my riding suit and several other costly items. I had to pull out the melted contents from between my fender and tire before I could ride again.


   Daniel had to come find me, which was no easy feat. I didn’t know exactly where I was in order to tell him my location. After clearing all of the debris, Daniel and I were on the road again to meet up with the others on hwy 278.

   Daniel Gillis, John Kelley, Tim Graveman and I rode up CR-747 to CR-1518 and found our way to hwy 231. John had to break off from the group at some point. The rest of us headed on up to hwy 431 where we met a new couple from our group, Randy and Rebecca Kramer. After a short meet and greet, we were off again to hwy 65, to hwy 64.

   It was Tim’s birthday weekend and he wanted to ride some curves. So, curves we rode! We arrived at the Blue Gill for a late lunch. The Blue Gill Grill is located on Tim Ford’s Lake at the Holiday Marina in Tullahoma, TN. The grill was pretty crowded when we arrived, but we were easily seated. It was a very casual place, right on the water with views of the lake and boats all around. Many patrons were in swimsuits and enjoying a cold one on the deck. I believe we all ordered seafood, but the grill had other menu items that were reasonably priced. The catfish was fried to perfection.

   On the way back, we went through Lynchburg, Fayetteville and Arab. We said our goodbyes in Joppa and headed home. Another great day of riding, enjoying curves and biker fellowship in the books with just one minor set back. I logged 318 miles for the day.2022 Blue Gill Grill 12022 Blue Gill Grill 22022 Blue Gill Grill 32022 Blue Gill Grill 42022 Blue Gill Grill 52022 Blue Gill Grill 62022 Blue Gill Grill 72022 Blue Gill Grill 8