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Honda Indy Grand Prix at the Barber Motorsports Park

Written by  June 1, 2022

  Well this year they at least were able to have fans back out to watch the Indy racing action, and people were able to get closer to the drivers and the action.


Look, I get that this is not motorcycles, however, its at a World Class track that hosts motorcycle events that bring folks in from all around the world, it just also happens to host some car events, like Porsche AND Indy once a year....plus, who would turn down the opportunity to go and cover anything out at the Barber Motorsports Park,; just for the ability to be out there!!!

This year also produced a winner that I didn't recognize, but what do I know! Pato Oward won Indy at Barber, 2022.

They also brought back the Wine & Beer tasting, a huge crowd favorite, I know it's mine. Our favorite Winery, Corbin Farms, (which is local) was among the various booths set up, so needless to say, we went home with wine, also discovered a new Winery; Amber Falls Winery (out of middle Tennessee) and some excellent Peach wine. It was kind of like a homemade brandy I had once. Oh, and they were debuting a new Bourbon made here in Alabama.

  We all were entertained with not only the racing action for the weekend but also the Sky Jumpers that started the day off; that was pretty exciting to watch, and the Fan Zone which was chocked full of fun stuff for kids of all ages. 2022 Indy 252022 Indy 262022 Indy 272022 Indy 282022 Indy 292022 Indy 302022 Indy 312022 Indy 322022 Indy 332022 Indy342022 Indy 352022 Indy 362022 Indy 372022 Indy 162022 Indy 172022 Indy 182022 Indy 192022 Indy 202022 Indy 212022 Indy 222022 Indy 232022 Indy 242022 Indy 102022 Indy 112022 Indy 122022 Indy 132022 Indy 142022 Indy 152022 Indy 12022 Indy 22022 Indy 32022 Indy 42022 Indy 52022 Indy 62022 Indy 72022 Indy 82022 Indy 9