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A Long and Winding Road Written by Angelina Cox CVMA 18-1 Fallen Brother’s Ride

Written by  Angelina Cox November 2, 2021

                         Photos By: Christina “Shooter" Edwards

This past Labor Day weekend, I was invited by my sister, Andrea “ Squeaky” Forte to ride in the 9 th annual Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association’s Fallen Brothers Ride.

This was my first ride and not having participated before I had nothing to compare it to but now I know there’s nothing to compare it to. Throughout the year she and I had discussed all the pre-event planning. The planning can easily take 6 months or more for a gathering of this nature. There are a lot of nuts and bolts to put together for a successful ride, not to mention the safety issues.


   In the predawn hours ( 0230 ) of the 4th a small group gathered together at Keller's Bar and Grill to set up for the auction. It was my first experience watching a group of men and women coming together as a team/family to get the job done. As I found out later, after we had left to grab a few ZZ’s, the Chapter Commander Paul “Runs with Beers” Bosch, scoped out the route for a final time to make sure all was set.( He never got the few ZZ’s we did.)

There were approximately 118 bikes that attended the ride, with usually two riders per bike. As I watched everyone arrive the sensation of family was overwhelming. They are proud Americans, coming together to stand as one for something they hold dear to their hearts which was to honor those who have fought and died for our beloved country. They greeted each other, some total strangers, as brothers and sisters. They hugged, laughed and caught up with each other. There was an atmosphere of caring and understanding as they all came together for this ride.

   As we took off, 118 bikes strong, I was proud to be able to call these folks friends. While we rode to our destinations I was struck by the fact all the traffic on both sides were pulling over. People patiently waited as we all drove by. Some came out of their cars to take pictures and waved. There was a sense of respect for these riders, although they had no idea what the ride was for.

One of our destinations was a graveside memorial. We shared a moment of silence for it was on the heels of losing 13 US Service members in the Kabul airport attack. This was noticeably very real and close to home for many of those who were gathering today. We don’t and cannot say we understand what these men and women go through every day, but they each carry a deep burden, hidden away for few to see. During this time “Padre” the Chaplin, spoke up to share with these brothers and sisters in arms what God had put on his heart. Padre brought out a bell and said each time a burden gets too heavy, ring the bell. The sound of that bell helps you release that burden. He was the first to ring the bell, his burden for the moment was released.

As I stood back feeling the burdens around me, riders with tears in their eyes, came forward to ring the bell. The Chapter Commander then called out to recognize a Gold Star mom. This is not an honor moms want but stand in pride knowing their family member served and died for our country.

We left this destination with memories, tears and pride. I feel honored to have been able to witness such a solemn time shared with these men and women. It will forever be with me. The evening progressed with a raffle, an auction, food and drink. But what I came away with was the long and windy road these men and women have traveled to get here today. Was it an easy road – no – is it easy now – no. I worry these men and women are a lost breed we may never see again.

Our country is losing itself every day. We are getting further and further away from what made this country great- Men and Women like them. I am proud to call them friends and family.2021 a long and winding road 12021 a long and winding road 22021 a long and winding road 32021 a long and winding road 42021 a long and winding road 52021 a long and winding road 62021 a long and winding road 72021 a long and winding road 82021 a long and winding road 92021 a long and winding road 122021 a long and winding road 132021 a long and winding road 142021 a long and winding road 152021 a long and winding road 162021 a long and winding road 172021 a long and winding road 182021 a long and winding road 11