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Sturgis In The Year Of The Pandemic

Written by  September 1, 2020

  I'm glad we at least KNOW someone who was able to make Sturgis this year. Our friend Christopher Litteral from the Alabama Law Tigers, set out for Sturgis around August the 7th, headed out to do some PR work for the Law Tigers, tough gig huh!

While organizing a PR event in the middle of the Sturgis Rally was a huge undertaking, Chris made it look easy.


The Law Tiger Family rolled into town and set up base camp on Main Street, right across from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, then went about the task of "branding" the town with Tigers and distributing information on the Law Tigers Group! They came into town on about the 3rd day of the Rally and passed people leaving, so while there was an overall large attendance, there were also quite a few folks that pulled out just days into the Rally. Being set up where they were, put them right there to witness the Antifa idiots that decided at the end of the Rally, that they would come in and stir things up. I'm pretty sure they will think twice on doing something so stupid in the future, as it didn't turn out well for them at all!

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is an American motorcycle rally held annually in Sturgis, South Dakota, for ten days usually starting the first Friday in August. In 2015 the city of Sturgis officially expanded the dates to have the rally start on the Friday before the first full week of August and end on the second Sunday. In 2016, Sturgis City Council passed a resolution to begin the Rally on the first Friday in August every year. It was begun in 1938 by a group of Indian Motorcycle riders and was originally held for stunts and races. Attendance has historically been around 500,000 people, reaching a high of over 700,000 in 2015. The event generates around $800 million in annual revenue.

  Early on, security reported that one night at closing time for the bars, they had a large group of bikers out dancing in the street, they let them dance on for a while then they all peacefully cleared out from the streets, proving once again, that bikers are really a good bunch of folks when you don't poke the bear! :-)  

Travelers and non-tribal residents were put on notice; those who do not have a permit for providing emergency or essential services are NOT permitted to travel through some South Dakota tribal lands. These checkpoints had been put in place by these tribes to protect their residents from additional COVID-19 exposure...

Members of Antifa decided it would be a good idea to crawl out of their mothers’ basements and attend the 80th annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

They were wrong.

Not sure what type of welcome they were expecting, but they quickly realized that the bikers were not like the typical Democrat political leaders who would let them do what they wanted. 

Yes, those ARE the same Antifa idiots that have been calling for abolishing the police department getting escorted safely out of Sturgis by the.. wait for it.. police!

As they stood there with police protecting them, one Antifa member decided it was a good idea to kick one of the motorcycles as it drove by.

Now, it should be common knowledge that kicking the motorcycle of a true biker is not a good idea under any circumstance, but apparently Antifa does not acknowledge that well-known fact.

As expected, when the motorcycle got kicked, a fight broke out, which caused a mass of officers to have to swoop in and save the big bad members of Antifa.

The officers were able to break up the fight and save the scared grown children. Sturgis Police Chief Geody Vandewater told the Associated Press:

“It was a little chaotic for a bit,” but Vandewater said that the officers were able to take the crybabies to a safe space.

Apparently, the group was protesting not only for their Antifa-styled ways but also because Republican Governor Kristi Noem had refused to shut down the state. In their mindset, the need for the economy to continue to function in a commonsense approach is minimal compared to the supposed large risk of the pandemic.    

On their last full day there, the "family" was treated to a motorcycle tour of the sights in and around Sturgis by their newly acquired friend, Megan, from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum; no doubt, the highlight of the trip for them.

They even encountered wildfires off in the distance in the mountains and somehow he still managed to get in a few of the sights before packing it all up to head back across country for home; collapsing for a few days upon his return I’m sure! Those sights included touring the ideal “man-cave” which was the beer storage at the Full Throttle Saloon! Chris even managed to find some “Roll Tide” Alabama fans while he was out there.

While there was no mandatory face mask required, there was still quite a few people that were indeed wearing masks, most especially those in the high risk category, and the Law Tiger group all got tested when they returned home and "self-quarantined" until they all received a negative test result.

At the end of the day when everyone made their way back to their homes; they could only attribute a small handful of folks who had the Covid-19 Virus to the Rally.....out of thousands of attendees!2020 Sturgis 12020 Sturgis 22020 Sturgis 32020 Sturgis 42020 Sturgis 52020 Sturgis 62020 Sturgis 72020 Sturgis 82020 Sturgis 92020 Sturgis 102020 Sturgis 112020 Sturgis 122020 Sturgis 132020 Sturgis 142020 Sturgis 152020 Sturgis 162020 Sturgis 172020 Sturgis 182020 Sturgis 192020 Sturgis 202020 Sturgis 212020 Sturgis 222020 Sturgis 232020 Sturgis 24 Anita idiots2020 Sturgis 25 Antifa idiots2020 Sturgis 272020 Sturgis 282020 Sturgis 292020 Sturgis 302020 Sturgis 312020 Sturgis 322020 Sturgis 332020 Sturgis 342020 Sturgis 352020 Sturgis 362020 Sturgis 372020 Sturgis 382020 Sturgis 392020 Sturgis 402020 Sturgis 412020 Sturgis 422020 Sturgis 432020 Sturgis 442020 Sturgis 452020 Sturgis 462020 Sturgis 472020 Sturgis 482020 Sturgis 49