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5 Most Scenic Motorcycle Tours in The World By: Jordan Russell @ RoadRacerz.com

Written by  Jordan Russell May 1, 2020

One of the best things about being a biker is that our passion opens up opportunities that the poor sad saps stuck behind car steering wheels never get.

Sure, it’s nice renting a car in the south of France and driving around some vineyards but nice is boring. Try rocking up in Kyrgyzstan or Vietnam and renting a nice family hatchback. Good luck to you buddy!

Nope, some countries and some roads either require heavy-duty off-road vehicles or something more nimble, like a motorbike. Below are five of the most scenic motorcycle tours you can do anyway in the world!


The Baja Peninsula, Mexico

The slightly phallic looking Baja Peninsula stretches down from California in the US deep into the Pacific Ocean for almost 800 miles of breathtaking Mexican beauty.

From the top to the tip, Baja combines sweeping mountain vistas with abandoned beaches and desert perfection. Simply put it is a dream for anyone who loves to ride on two wheels.

Actor Steve McQueen answered the “Call of Baja” many times and loved it. And you know what? If it’s good enough for the King of Cool, then it is good enough for me and you.

Riding Baja could be your “great escape” from the crushing boredom of normal life. (Great Escape. Geddit? Steve McQueen?! Ah, never mind!)

The Ho Chi Minh Trail, Vietnam

Vietnam is one of those weighted words that means a lot of things for a lot of different people. But guess what, the war was a helluva long time ago. So long ago in fact that two-thirds of Vietnamese were born after the fighting ended.

Forget old wars, embrace new adventures. What Vietnam means for most people who visit it now is amazing food, incredibly friendly locals, super cheap beer (less than $1 a bottle) and some of the most breathtaking driving roads the world has to offer.

One such road is known as the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Originally this was the title given to the jungle supply route during the war but it has now been recycled as the title of the 2,000-km route leading from Hanoi to Saigon that takes riders across a jaw-dropping array of mountain landscapes. Perfectly paved but almost completely empty of traffic the HCM Trail often feels as if it has been built just for touring motorbike lovers.

Stat attack! Another stat for you, 95% of registered drivers in Vietnam are on motorbikes! Yep, nowhere in the world loves motorbikes more than Vietnam.

The Pamir Highway, The Stans

The M41, also known as the Pamir Highway is not for the fainthearted, it’s definitely not for those riders who like to keep their bikes looking shiny and brand new. No, the Pamir Highway is probably the most adventurous bike tour you can currently undertake. And one of the most beautiful.

The Pamir Highway snakes through the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. The route has been used for millennia as part of the ancient Silk Route that used to link the riches of China to the west.

   It goes without saying that anyone undertaking this motorcycle tour not only has to be supremely confident on two wheels. They also need to do a hell of a lot of planning and research in advance. And they must be very ready to go with the flow as obstacles will be many and varied. Anything from erosion, earthquakes, landslides, and avalanches, to extreme heat, extreme cold, bandits, crooked police, even more crooked border guards will play a part in your journey. Yep, the Pamir Highway has it all!

The North Coast 500, Scotland

Whilst it might not be as adventurous as dodging yaks and avalanches in Kyrgyzstan, Scotland’s North Coast 500 is a definite contender for the most scenic bike tour you can find on the face of this planet of ours. It’s certainly one of our favourites here at RoadRacerz HQ.

Starting and ending at Inverness’s imposing medieval castle and tracing in a loop the entire coastline of Scotland’s world-renown rugged Highland region, the NC500 has something for everyone.

Whisky lovers can end their long driving days with a tipple (or four) in a quaint pub, or even by visiting distilleries. Culture lovers can take in ancient castles, pagan stone circles and clan history. And food lovers can revel in fresh seafood. Yep, the NC500 is some journey!

The Garden Route, South Africa

With a name like the “Garden Route”, you can probably imagine that this ride is going to be nice and green. Well, you’d be right, it is. South Africa’s Mediterranean climate makes for the ideal riding weather.

Wide-open roads and an abundance of flora and fauna make the Garden Route one of the most sublime rides you can do anywhere. The riding is easy and the route takes you from Cape Town along the coast past sandy beaches and pounding waves, and then back through the beautiful interior of acacia dotted plains and mountainsides.

Well, there you have it, five of the most scenic motorcycle tours this beautiful planet of ours has to offer. So start saving your spare change now and soon you too could be heading out on the trip of a lifetime. Happy travels, oh, and remember your passport!Jordan Russell