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Day Trippin Through The Coronavirus Crisis with Some Wind Therapy

Written by  April 1, 2020

The times we are living in at the moment, are very scary for the whole country; we know this is all temporary but in the mean time people are left wondering....what can we do to fight the boredom, the cabin fever that so many are experiencing and try to keep some sense of normalcy in our lives. Well for the biker community, there seems to be a rather simple fix to that, something that one of our facebook friends posted about to remind us, so I thought we would share that with the rest of you.


Travis Herod posted in "We Ride" on Facebook:

"So things are weird, right? Lots going on, things changing seemingly hourly. Events being canceled, Bars and other gathering spots closed until further notice.

  This is unprecedented and is causing some folks a whole lot of worry, Illness worry, economic worries, Daycare for kids and kids out of school worries; the worry list is endless.

  Well, isn't this a big reason why we do what we do anyway? You don't need a Rally as an excuse to RIDE! Use common sense, but if I were you; I'd ride, I mean really RIDE, Not bounce from Hooters to BMW's to Twin Peaks, to your local watering hole, just ride. No destination, no rally to park at and stand around, just ride.

  Get back to basics, get off the beaten path, hit some real back-roads, find a new tiny town, check out a memorial, whatever, just ride. 

  Pack some water, maybe a sandwich, or better yet, support your local, struggling eatery and grab some to-go grub. Discover a new waterfall or re-visit an old favorite and sit for a bit and just BE! Take time to smell the roses. :-) But RIDE, This too shall pass! Maybe this is just the "Cosmos's" way of telling us to slow down a bit. Spend quality time with yourself and your family ....that you'll be shut up with. You can check on and check in with the rest of the family, extended family and friends by phone, or social media.

  Remember why you ride in the first place. But ride! I don't know about you, but it puts me back into a place of normalcy, and some of my favorite rides have been in the middle of nowhere, not going anywhere in particular, alone or with just my wife or a friend or two. 

  Take care of yourselves; be patient with others, you never know what they are dealing with right now. And lastly......Just RIDE!


You know, bikers have been practicing a form of social distancing with "stagger-riding", and we’re wearing gloves, maybe we just need to keep the gloves on when we get gas, you never know who has handled that gas pump handle or what kind of "bug/virus" they may have left on there for the next person to pick up.

  Since the beginning of time, colds, the flu and other viruses have been transmitted by TOUCH; someone infected touches the surface, you come behind and touch that same surface and then touch your face and you’ve opened the path for that same "bug" to infect you, and you probably wondered a few days later....where the hell did I come down with a cold from? So for that reason alone, we should have gotten in the practice of washing our hands and using hand sanitizers, long before this Corona virus ever came into play.

Washing your hands frequently and well, having hand sanitizers close at hand and keeping our hands from our face, be mindful of others and cough and sneeze into a tissue or shirt sleeve should become our new normal. And don’t forget, currency has long since been a huge germ carrier, so immediately after handling it and before you touch anything else that you may deposit those germs on…wash or hand sanitizer your hands. You may be surprised at how few colds you may have, or should I say NOT have because of that   one little action.

Bikers can practice social distancing and still get out and ride, the hard part to set into play, even temporarily is going to be: NOT SHAKING HANDS, NOT HUGGING ... and NO MOTORBOATS!!!!!

Stay safe and well our biker family, and get out and get some wind therapy!

Photos and "Post" insert by: Travis Herod....Thanks Bud!

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