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Governor of New Hampshire Honors the "Fallen 7" & Survivors at the State of the State Address

Written by  March 1, 2020

It's coming up on a year since the tragic accident that took the lives of 7 wonderful people, and injuring many others on their way to a benefit motorcycle ride in New Hampshire, The lives of the survivors and the families of the Fallen 7 will forever be changed, but they also gained an extension to their families, who will never let their loved ones be forgotten.

  Thanks to wonderful people like Brian DeSimone and his crew, who quickly got together immediately after the accident to organize a ride that had to be a record attendance of a motorcycle ride ever....... to honor the fallen and survivors. Brian also helped to organized the "Fallen 7 Memorial Ride And Foundation" as a way to keep their memories alive, and to show the great love coming from the whole motorcycle community around the country, not just in New Hampshire.


  Brian is a man who says he has no military background, he is just a motorcycle enthusiast like the rest of us, but has a huge respect for those who served and are still serving our country. He is also a man who says he is still on the road to recovery from his own near fatal accident 4 years ago, and said he used to wonder, if he hadn't survived...how would he be remembered. He had so many people, strangers that came to his aid after his accident, wanting to do what ever they could to help, so this all hit home for him, leaving him with the need to "pay-it-forward", steaming from the words echoing in his mind and heart, from his dad, who used to tell him that if you have the opportunity to help someone, then you should, as its the RIGHT thing to do.

  Without knowing anyone personally from this accident, he still felt the connection, as we are all part of one big family, the family of BIKERS, and that's what we do!

Recently Brian and his team of organizers, along with one of the survivors were back at the Homeland and Security Building presenting officials with a custom made wooden flag, with the names of the fallen, as a way of showing their appreciation for their help with the memorial ride after the accident.


  On February the 13th, 2020, Brian along with, Steve Allison, Manny Riberio and Dawn Brindley were invited to the "State of the State Address" as Special Guests of Governor Chris Sununu, where the foundation and the "Jarheads" were honored. And what a well-deserved honor that was. Brian said he felt very honored to see survivors Manny and Dawn get recognized by the Governor, what he did not expect, was for the Governor to also acknowledge Steve and himself and their organization for all the hard work they have put into all of this. Brian said it’s easy to forget that this whole thing, meaning the massive memorial ride that followed the devastating event, that everyone told them couldn't be done. Don't tell a biker that something like that can't be done; you will soon be shown otherwise! These guys had no experience with something like this, they were just regular guys who's hearts were telling them that this was something they had to do. They swore that they would do anything in their power to make sure those 7 beautiful souls and the survivors would never be forgotten, and they continue with that goal to this day. And to that end, they have already organized the Memorial ride for this year.


  The "First Annual Memorial Ride For The Fallen 7" is on Saturday, July the 11th, 2020 in Randolph, New Hampshire. You can find them on Facebook for more information, and they would like to extend their gratitude to everyone for their support and encouragement, and we would like to again, thank them for what they are doing...bless you guys! IMG 6462IMG 6471IMG 6472IMG 6473