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Mecum Motorcycle Auction – Las Vegas, Nevada

Written by  July 30, 2017

Mecum Motorcycle Auction held a Motorcycle Auction on June 2 & 3, 2017. The auction was held at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, where more than 600 motorcycles rolled across the auction block.

Vintage bikes, rare bikes, newer bikes, you name it, it was there. The vast array of bikes was mesmerizing! The pace was fast and furious. You had to be on your toes to place the winning bid on the motorcycle you wanted. Many of the motorcycles sold at great prices!

Crowd watching is always most entertaining at Mecum Auctions. It is great to see the rivalries that go on between bidders, especially if they both really want the motorcycle up for bid. The “Bid Helpers” are always there to quickly ensure their bid is accepted. The Bid Helpers also keep the bidders engaged and give them a “friendly” prodding every now and then. Internet bidding also helps keep the auction environment lively and entertaining.

Mecum has a “Charity of Choice” that is supported through their auctions. Curing Kids Cancer is the name of the charity. Mecum auctions off a Neon “Curing Kids Cancer” clock and many other unique items at their auctions, and have donated millions of dollars to Curing Kids Cancer.

One of the most entertaining spectator and bidder was Charlie Crew. Charlie works at The Motorcycle Shop in San Benito, Texas. Charlie has been wrenching on and fabricating motorcycle for over 40 years. Charlie is passionate about motorcycles, and is a former Marine. Charlie was “enticed” by Bling Devas President “Dazzlin” and myself to visit the Leatherneck Club in Las Vegas, where he had a great time. A big thank you to “Ghost,” who is a former Marine and owner of the Leatherneck Club. He made Charlie feel at home, and Charlie loved the place so much that he returned the next day with friends!

If you are ever in the San Benito, Texas area, please stop by and visit Charlie at The Motorcycle Shop. You’ll definitely be impressed and entertained.

A huge thank you to Mecum’s Mr. Dave Morton, ‎Manager, Communications and Event Marketing for giving Cycle Connections a last minute Media Pass.

The next time a Mecum Auction is near you, please go check it out in person. You won’t regret it! Sure, it’s fun to watch on TV, but seeing a Mecum Auction live is an experience you won’t soon forget!