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Mark Buzbee “Kidneys Matter Ride” – Pinson, Alabama

Written by  March 31, 2017

It was overcast, with a little nip in the air on Sunday morning, March 5, 2017 as around 175 bikes rolled into the parking lot at Hardee’s in Pinson, Alabama. Actually, it was in the parking lot next to Hardee’s, as Hardee’s would not have been able to hold all of us.

This gathering of bikes was to show support and love to one of their own, Mark Buzbee, who has recently been hospitalized several times due to breathing difficulties and was diagnosed with failing kidneys. At this time he is undergoing dialysis three times a week and hoping to be put on the kidney donor list.

After gathering everyone up Larry Hardeman thanked them for coming and gave a brief rundown as to what route they would be taking, as well as a brief safety speech. It was then time for a prayer before the ride. The prayer was conducted by “DJ” David Joiner with the Chrome Cross Cruisers, who stood on the ground next to Mark so he could put his hands on him and pray for a donor.

Jefferson County had four bikes there to escort the ride, and when asked how far they intended to go, the reply was “We’re going all the way!” Cool! It turns out, all the way included a little side trip; a scenic route through the woods down a dirt road and back, Ha, Ha! But it’s all good!

From there it was off to About Bikes in Blountsville, Alabama. We arrived about two hours later, with only one little hiccup. One of the crotch rockets broke chain just minutes after leaving, but lucky for them there was a chase truck pulling a trailer. Unable to fix the bike at About Bikes; it was loaded back on the trailer in the hopes that nothing else would happen on the rest of the trip.

After hanging out for a bit at About Bikes, it was time to mount up and head out with a planned stop at the Shell fueling station around Oneonta, Alabama for a quick pit stop, and then on to Eagle Vision in Steele, Alabama. Here, folks were able to purchase a hot dog or hamburger and grab a cold one.

Another really cool thing to come out of this; Kim Davis Quick, who is one of the organizers of this ride, has a brother named Steve Grimes who has AVM on the front right side of his brain; a malformation just a little under the size of a golf ball. They will need to do what’s called, Gama Knife Laser Radiation to try and remove it. Kim has been trying to get up there to see him, and after finding this out, the bikers got together on the spot and raised $1,645, which included a donation from Club 170. How awesome is this group of folks?

There was also a whole group of generous people who donated nice gifts to give away along with specialty T-Shirts they sold thanks to Larry Hardeman, which added to the money raised that day. Marks brother Alan Buzbee who is the painter at Dirty Deeds bike shop also auctioned off a base coat-clear coat paint job, which brought the grand total to around $6,000. Like I said, this is an awesome group of people who took time out of their lives to give of themselves, as well as their money, to show their love and support for Mark Buzbee; and what a show it was!

The Punishers, CMA, Veterans Brotherhood, Heart of Dixie Spyder Ryders, Legion Riders, Drifters, Christian Bikers, and the Regulators were just a few of the clubs represented.

Praying for a kidney for you soon, Love Ya Dude!