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Johnny Dare's Bike Night Part Deux

Written by  October 31, 2004

I know Johnny Dare’s again! Well last month I promised to
upload pictures of my adventures at JD’s every couple of weeks and I guess I
lied. October was a hell of a month for us at the magazine as it seems that
everyone crammed their bike event in this month. So basically I never had time
to get around to it. When you publish monthly like we do and there are so many
events going on your head starts to spin, or is that just from all the drinking
I’ve been doing at the rallys and events. Anyway I figured rather than add a
new bike night this month I would just post some more pictures from JD’s since I
said I would.

First, I have to point out a few key people from this batch
of pictures as well as what the hell is going on with the girls and that bar
stool. You may recognize a few members of the local Heavy Metal band,
Thrust. I spent some time with them at a gig in late September and finished up
the night at JD’s. These guys kick ass, but I’m sure you already knew that.

Ok, now the bar stool. That’s just another wicked idea from
the warped mind of Steve O and actually a real device you can buy for your ride.
It’s basically a vibrator that’s built into a motorcycle seat. As if the
vibrations from your engine weren’t enough, you can add this little device
that’s either controlled manually or through your throttle control. Your old lady
will love you for it! Or it just might help you find one. Keep your eyes peeled
to Cycle Connections for them, as the distributors are friends of mine and
will soon be advertising them here in the magazine. And by the expressions on
these girls’ faces, they too have just joined the ranks of the many satisfied
patrons that come to Johnny Dare’s.

Well I’ve got to run as it’s my turn to spin the dial on
the Twister game at Johnny Dares, and as you can see by the pictures below, I
don’t want to be late.

Story & photos by Wayne Thompson