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Recent Bills Regarding Motorcycles

Written by  March 30, 2015

Oregon Senate recently passed a bill that would make it legal for motorcycles and bicycles to “run” red lights. SB533 would follow the lead of other states that have passed similar laws. Like the others, Oregon would allow motorcycles and bicycles to proceed through a red light if it has not changed after one complete cycle.

Meanwhile, in Washington state, a bill was introduced that would allow riders to pass slow moving traffic on pavement to the left of the fast lane. Originally the bill would have allowed “lane splitting” but some Senate members felt that could startle drivers. Under the new plan, motorcyclists would be able to pass only when traffic is moving at 25 mph or less, and no more than 10 mph faster than the flow of traffic. The rule would apply only to highways and not to city streets. By allowing riders to move to the far left, they reduce their risk of being rear-ended in slow moving or stopped traffic.

Photos by Stripe