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LAPD Tries Zero MMX Electric Patrol Motorcycles

Written by  June 23, 2014

Zero Motorcycles announced that LAPD has purchased three of their special ops electrical motorcycles to patrol the remote areas.

Virtually silent, the Zero MMX delivers 54 HP and 68 ft-lb of instant torque, which is plenty for a bike that weighs mere 276 pounds, taking it from 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds. The off-road form factor combined with the electric powertrain make this bike extremely capable in remote areas and allow it to forge water up to 3.2 feet deep.  With a top speed of 85 mph, this motorcycle can go around two hours before needing a re-charge. How much does it cost to recharge? Around 80 cents, straight from any wall outlet.

I know you want one, but unfortunately, general public cannot purchase one of these bikes. Not yet, anyways. For now, you can find out more and check out the full specs on the manufacturer’s site

Photo courtesy of Zero Motorcycles.