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HAWGWILDE COSMETICS – A New Line of Cosmetics Designed with the Female Biker in Mind!

Written by  January 31, 2019

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – January 2, 2019 – HawgWilde Cosmetics, LLC’s (HWC)

online late 2018, was a very exciting milestone for Andrea Bates,

CEO/Co-Founder and Shari Weisman, COO/Co-Founder of HawgWilde



   LLC. HWC is a new cosmetic line that was inspired and designed with the

female biker in mind. The launch comes at a time when makeup is more

important than ever as an expression of personal style, whether the

look is natural, classic or fashion-forward.

Resized952018121695144624953730 1   The vision of the company was developed through a desire and urge to

recreate the beauty of high gloss custom automotive paints bringing

depth, movement and sparkle into cosmetic products. After many weekend

bike rides, admiring the custom paint jobs of thousands of bikes,

co-founder Shari wanted to know, “how do I get these amazing colors on

my toes”? The research began to find a U.S. Manufacturer that could

bring the beauty and luster of automotive paint into a cosmetics grade

product. One that is free of chemicals and cruelty free. Born from this

vision we give you, HawgWilde Cosmetics, LLC.

  2  HWC’s products are MADE IN THE U.S.A., a “7 FREE FORMULA” containing No

Formaldehyde, Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Toluene, Formaldehyde Resin, and


   “Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free” while meeting or exceeding all

cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s) set forth by the United

States Food

and Drug Administration and follows guidelines established in


   Standard ISO 22716:2007, Cosmetics-Good Manufacturing Practices

(GMP)-Guideline on Good Manufacturing Practices. HawgWilde Cosmetics,


complies with the Good Laboratory Practices and EU Council Directives.

“At HawgWilde Cosmetics, LLC, we are here to keep you safe, seen and

glamorous with a healthy, friendly unique product line”, said, Andrea

Bates, CEO of HawgWilde Cosmetics.

“We were very encouraged by the 2018 national survey by the Motorcycle

Industry Council”, said Shari Weisman, HWC’s, COO, “it stated that

nearly one in five motorcycle owners is now female, compared with 1 in

10 less

than a decade ago”. Data suggests that women could soon make up ¼ of the

ownership, which would be a major shift in motorcycling demographics,

the largest group being Millennials at 26%.

About HawgWilde Cosmetics, LLC:

 1   Founded in April 2017, HawgWilde Cosmetics was inspired by, and

designed, with the female biker in mind, because there is a little Ride

or Die in all of us. HawgWilde Cosmetics unites the worlds of motorcycle

enthusiasts and retro glam divas, to bring much needed sparkle and color

to an otherwise drab world. This Limited Liability Company will elevate

cosmetic necessities for a steady, innovative, and untargeted market

share. The growing market share of female riders continues to explode

internationally. HWC is here to support the desires for long lasting,

fun, vibrant, luxurious colors that are sure to get you noticed on and

off your bike!