Women Riders

Women Riders

Overcoming the Fear of Motorcycles

December 31, 2003
Goldie - How do I get my wife interested in riding when she won't go near my motorcycle?TomRolla, MissouriHey Tom from Rolla!First, find out why she won't go near it. Fear? Safety issues? Not having the proper apparel? Noise? Not knowing other women pillion riders? Not having a nice comfortable seat?I would suggest you start with a nice close ride to one of her favorite restaurants. You might also consider having her take the Motorcycle Safety Course. Not with the intent of riding, but to learn more about motorcycles and the safety aspects of riding. It makes for a more…

No Fuss, No Muss - Permanent Cosmetics By Veronica

November 30, 2003
Hey all you riding divas, wouldn’t it be nice to take off your sunglasses after a long ride and have your eyeliner still perfect and never have your eye make up smeared again? Well, let me introduce you to Veronica Eighmy (pronounced Amy) of Permanent Cosmetics, who can give you permanent cosmetic enhancements such as eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner/color.Veronica is a Registered Nurse in the OB-GYN department at Liberty Hospital and I met up with her on her day off. After seeing her work on a co-worker of mine, I was fascinated with the procedure and wanted to learn…

Purchasing Your First Bike

October 31, 2003
So you want to ride solo! Congrats on your decision to become a riding diva on your own scooter. Assuming you have completed a motorcycle safety course, passed the state written exam, and obtained your motorcycle license, it’s time to buy a machine. Let the fun begin!So where do you start your search for the perfect ride? Here are a few suggestions that helped me when I purchased my first bike and I hope they help you as well. If anyone has other tips you’d like to share, please bring them on.Unless you have already done your homework and know…


September 30, 2003
Welcome fellow riding divas to the first issue of Cycle Connections! We want Spoke to Spoke to be your column for questions, answers, comments, or to just say “hey!” Whether you’re a passenger, a new rider, or an experienced rider, we want your input and feedback. It makes no difference what you ride, as long as it has two or three wheels and a motor! As you may know, motorcycle sales to women have boomed in recent years, and more than 75,000 women riders have taken the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Rider Course. We take riding seriously and our goal…
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