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Diva Amy

Written by  October 31, 2016

Her bike is not what one would call “subtle,” and neither is anything else about her. Amy Scaling, aka “Diva Amy,” is friends with many of my previous Inspirational Women and is the creator of “Team Diva,” designing hats, t-shirts and accessories with a rock’n’roll motorcycle vibe. “Diva Glide;” her bike, is adorned with a custom pink and orange leopard paintjob and embellished with Swarovski crystals.

You have probably seen one of her most well known creations on rocker Brett Michael’s head; the white cowboy hat emblazoned with the Roman cross. When he appeared on “The Apprentice,” Michaels wore three of Amy’s hat designs and handed out others to his team members to wear during their Snapple presentation. “To thank Bret for wearing my hats, I’m donating 10 percent from the sale of each hat to the Bret Michaels Foundation, which in turn funds the American Diabetes Foundation; the group for which Bret was playing on Celebrity Apprentice,” Diva Amy announced.

Amy started Team Diva in 1998 after working 29 years in sales, marketing, and design for Sport Obermeyer. She designs and makes all the hats, right down to applying the crystals and feathers that make them so unique. Her credo is “Anything worth doing is worth OVERdoing.”

Amy starting riding 12 years ago and has put over 105,000 miles on her Diva Glide 1. Early on, she fell in love with long distance touring. Her husband of 34 years, whom she calls “2 Tank Tim,” due to his preference for shorter trips, will travel with the toy hauler to their destination while Amy takes the long winding route. When she was younger, her mother forbade her to ride, but what she didn’t know was that Amy was sneaking rides on the back of motorcycles whenever she could. The love of riding never left, and when her own kids got older, Amy, with inspiration from her good friend and mentor Shelly Rossmeyer (daughter of Bruce Rossmeyer), got her license. Now, all of her family, including two sons and a daughter, ride motorcycles. One son is even a motorcycle mechanic.

Mitch and Tom Kelly (Kelly and Son, the Crazy Painters) in Bellflower, California, are currently working on Diva Glide 2; following Amy’s design. Diva Glide 1; also Amy’s design, is an orange and pink work of art. Amy says she wanted something that would make people happy, and it makes her happy to get thumbs up from the people she passes as she rides.

Among the many charities Amy is involved with is “Helping with Horsepower;” a nonprofit, that, along with other programs that benefit at-risk kids, has a Bike Rebuild Program that teaches them how to repair and build motorcycles. From their site: “At-risk youth repair and customize a motorcycle, completely transforming it from something “broken,” damaged, or neglected into something amazing, just like they are doing in their lives in treatment centers and other outreach centers and programs. This program utilizes a motorcycle as an effective tool to teach life lessons such as teamwork, self-confidence, and problem solving, through hands-on/project-based learning and instruction.”

Amy also works and rides with Biker Belles; created by the Sturgis Buffalo Chip to not only raise awareness of the passion and spirit of women riders, but to raise funds for worthy local charities that would be of particular interest to those women. Team Diva, as part of the Biker Belles, created and runs the “Comfort Zone,” where women riders at the Belles’ charity ride can get a massage or have their hair and nails done, with all proceeds going to charity. She was also a “special guest” alongside her friend and fellow Diamond Posse founder Cat Hammes, for the 2016 Biker Belles event at Sturgis. Amy has been honored by multiple organizations for her charitable work with vets, women riders, and children.

With all Amy has done in just her 12 short years of riding; from her Team Diva business, to traveling the country as a good will ambassador, to her tireless efforts with various charities, somehow I’m sure her mother might have changed her mind; maybe..