Women Riders

Why We Ride

Written by  August 30, 2016

I belong to a Facebook group of women riders from across the US and Canada. Recently I asked them to tell me why they ride. Below are their responses:

“I feel proud to have mastered riding. It clears my mind and refreshes my soul. And I look damn sexy doing it!”

“I find music important.... Riding in a cage…it's like watching a movie…life just floats past. On a motorcycle...it's like being in the movie…and your tunes the soundtrack. Life just doesn't pass you...but whirls around you…can caress you like a lover or be brutal as Hell itself.Your senses are heightened...you are truly aware. You are truly alive.”

“My family has been thru HELL this last year - everyone keeps telling me to "See a therapist!" I do, and she's got 6 speeds and a helluva lotta wind. Been going thru some rough days here lately…when we realized we hadn't rode in a week (Yes, just a week LOL). Spent entire weekend RIDING. Life will never be the same, but riding with my husband, even though we are on separate bikes - makes me feel closer to him then ever. AND frees my mind. Nothing like crying at 80 mph. Shit blows right off your face.”

“I've been dealing with some heavy shit too. I'm not a churchgoer, but riding is my church and therapist all in one. It calms my weathered soul.”

“What a question, and so many answers to be given. Why do I ride, I ride to be free, to clear my head and my heart, to bring peace to my soul. To ponder life and find reasons for it. I ride to honor myself and for those who came before me and those whowill come after. I ride to disconnect and to connect. I ride for the solitude and the togetherness. I ride for myself and for others. I ride for the wild girl inside of me, so she remembers freedom. I ride for so many reasons and for no reasons.”

“I don't have my own but, being able to breath deeply and relax, can think and make decisions if need be and to be with nature.”

“What it means to me when I ride...I am at peace and here lately that's the only time I am at peace with myself, I don't look at myself as someone that's gonna lose her hearing at any time, I don't have (people) making me feel like a shit person cause I stand up for myself, I don’t have (people) attacking me at every turn or making me like I am not human, and as Pennie said you can cry and the wind blows it off.”

“Wow what a question...I just wrote about this a couple days ago, but I cannot find the notebook where I wrote. My answer embodied the question, I poured out my heart, I miss My Baby sooooo much!!! This is my 4th season I've not been able to ridedue to wrist re-injury that was pretty much healed, I broke my foot; I’ve been in an air cast for 3 weeks. I know it won't stay this way, and I hope and pray that all will be well, and can't put into words how much I miss her so bad it hurts. Quite like missing a best friend and lover, having been apart for long and just looking forward to the glorious day we're going to reunite AND COME ALIVE AGAIN! I MISS THE SOUL MATE CONNECTION, THE FREEDOM, the autonomy, the cleansing, the rush of being one with her, and feeling like everything's right in my life in these segments of time that I am most alive, bursting with joy. To breathe again! Simultaneously absorbing and exuding love
I feel powerful, at my very best, If there's sexuality woven through the freedom, the sheer joy beyond words, to be so alive, Yes! To be so alive! (I'm one day closer to riding again than I was yesterday...) Yay Fuckin YAAAAAAAAY!!!”

“All my life I have had low BP. I was very thankful to have taken after my mother in this, as my father had VERY high BP, which led to meds, led to side effects,...kidneys went to crap, dialysis 3X a week,...long spiral downhill to an early, ugly deathat 59. Well recently...after all the stress-on-a-plate lately...my BP is no longer low. You can imagine the images this puts in my mind - which raises it more. UGH! Finally Saturday, after not having ANY time to ride...I had the day off (not a usual thing!) & I got to ride! It was beyond perfect! Back lake, tree lined, curvy roads, no cars, Pandora thumbprint radio's perfect tunes, and I literally felt my BP settle back into its lower/normal range. This is my church...this is where the colors are vibrant, I see the indigo bunting, I see the yellow swallowtail butterfly, I feel at one with creation, and it all comes clear...it all is alright.I can call on those images/enlightenments in the coming days, until I can get to "church" again. Ahhhhh”

“I do not own my own right now. I learned to ride 22 years ago when I finally got sober. And the first day I got to ride on the open highway was one of the best, freeing, proud and peaceful moments in my life. I lost that bike a year later due to my stupidity over a man. I had to put the dream of riding my own on the back burner. But the love and desire was always there. So now at 56 that is a goal I have set for myself. I have so many women friends that ride, it makes my heart ACHE (literally) when they ride away and I am still on the curb. It represents freedom, independence, clarity, strength, confidence, power and sisterhood to me. So before riding season of 2017, I will be on my own bike.”

Thank you, Ladies.