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Happy New Year, Riders!

Written by  December 31, 2007

2008 is going to be GREAT! Welcome to the New Year. Isn’t it amazing that once you start riding motorcycles how each year just continues to fly by? We just can’t seem to get our fill of rallies, bike nights, and weekend getaways. This is a sport that is easy to stay with; it doesn’t take a toll on the body like softball, power volleyball, or snow skiing. It doesn’t take work, it’s not stressful, and you are not competing with anyone. You just sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauties that surround you. The winter months give us the opportunity to stay in the loop of riding with the various bike shows that will be coming to the Kansas City area in the next couple months, reading books on motorcycling, or just surfing the net for interesting articles and photos. Then, before we know it all the snow and ice will be gone and Spring will be here. We all know what that means, “Ride Sally Ride!”

A reader e-mailed me with the following question:
I am thinking of entering my Harley-Davidson Heritage Softail in some bike shows this spring. Where do I start with getting my bike in “show quality condition?” Joann T.

We all know how to wash and shine our bikes, but detailing your bike for show quality appearance is a lot different. My recommendation would be to start with learning the difference between cleaners, polishers, and wax. There are different approaches to cleaning various types of frames, wheels, upholstery, and finishes. Once you have selected the products you learn the proper way to use them. You will want to learn the tricks on reaching all the hard-to-reach places with the right tools and the method to get the job done easily.

There is an informative book you might want to read called Motorcycle Detailing Made Easy by David H. Jacobs, Jr. It is $19.95 plus shipping and worth every penny if you are serious about showing your bike in competitions. You can contact Whitehorse Press at 800-531-1133 or visit their web site at www.whitehorsepress.com. Not only will you get step-by-step illustrations on detailing, but it will tell you everything you need to know about cleaning leather bags, hard luggage, oil coolers, helmets, trailers, and leather apparel. What a great way to spend a winter evening sitting by the fire watching the snow fall. Good Luck!

I hope all our divas and dudes got everything they wanted for Christmas, especially new chrome or accessories for their bikes. I want to share with you a gift I received from a fellow riding diva. It’s a nifty little tool that is the smallest and most functional device I have ever seen. It is an Outback “R” M14 made by CruzTools. At first I thought it was a cousin to the Swiss army knife, but this little gadget is incredible for compact and convenience.

It is a 3 ½” folding metric multi-tool that gives you reason not to lug around a large tool kit for in-town riding. There are four hex keys, 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm; 1/4” socket driver with three sockets, 8mm,10mm,12; and two open-end wrenches that are 13mm and 14mm. Also in this 14 tool device are three spoke wrenches, 6.0, 6.3, 6.4mm, and a slotted (flathead) and Phillips screwdrivers. The only pieces that are not permanently attached are the sockets.

The instructions say the tools are made out of heat-treated chrome vanadium or carbon steel and are manufactured to precision tolerances (meaning they won’t break). Of course this won’t replace the tools you would need for a long trip, but for around town it is just perfect; and talk about a space-saver! This handy tool retails for a mere $19.95.

Stay safe and stay warm until next month!

Goldie Arnold:
Goldie Arnold

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