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Chance Dawes and His ’05 West Coast Choppers El Diablo ll Mini Chopper

Written by  March 31, 2007

If you attend bike nights and bike shows in the Kansas City area, or have been to Bike, Blues & BBQ in Fayetteville, Arkansas, there’s a good chance you’ve seen nine-year-old Chance Dawes cruising around on his mini chopper. No matter where he rides, you see both kids and adults stop, point and smile as he rides by. The first time I saw Chance on his mini chopper was at a bike night at FUEL in Overland Park, Kansas. Chance was out front on the street doing a burnout with his front wheel braced securely against his Dad’s foot. Chance’s father, Dave Dawes, told me he gets the biggest kick watching his son ride and they are both bikers for life!

CC: Chance, what do you do for a living?
Chance: I’m a 3rd grade student.

CC: Do you have any hobbies other than motorcycling?
Chance:Yes, I enjoy playing soccer, baseball, riding 4-wheelers, and collecting toy cars and motorcycles.

CC: How long have you been riding?
Chance: I’ve been riding for six years.

CC: What was your first bike?
Chance: My first bike was a 90cc 4-wheeler, and my first 2-wheeler was a Honda XR70.

CC: How many bikes have you owned?
Chance: I’ve owned two 4-wheelers and three 2-wheelers.

CC: How many bikes do you currently own?
Chance: I have a 90cc 4-wheeler, a 200cc 4-wheeler, a Honda XR70, a Yamaha TTR125, and my custom built West Coast Chopper, El Diablo ll ridged frame chopper.

CC: What do you like most about your new El Diablo ll?
Chance: The power, the looks, the feel and the ride. And because my Dad bought it for me.

CC: What is your dream bike?
Chance: Way to many to list, but I’m sure there will be a chopper in there some place. I love the way they look and I like the low profile.

CC: What is your most memorable riding experience?
Chance: They all have been very memorable to me, and I enjoy being part of the biker world.

CC: What is your least memorable riding experience?
Chance: None, yet....LOL.

CC: To what motorcycle clubs or organizations do you belong?
Chance: None yet. I need to be a little older, but be assured, there will be many to come.

CC: Which motorcycle rallies & events have you attended and which is your favorite?
Chance: My Dad and I do most of the bike nights here in the KC area, and Bike, Blues and BBQ in Fayetteville, Arkansas for the last three years. I’ve been in several bike shows and parades here in KC. They are all my favorites. I enjoy the people I have gotten to know and the knowledge they have given me. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to be part of my life.

CC: Do you have a favorite bike night hangout?
Chance: Boy, that is a tough one. It is hard to have a favorite when you have so many good bike nights here in KC, and they all treat you so nice. I love them all. Vicki at Kobi's Bar and Grill in Bonner Springs has become one of my closest friends and has always made me feel very special, and for that, I love you Vicki, and keep up the good work in promoting a fun and exciting environment for the bikers.

CC: Do you have any tattoos?
Chance: No. Boy, my Dad would kill me...LOL.

CC: Do you prefer riding in a group or by yourself?
Chance: I love the groups. It's so much more fun to share the experience with a group of wonderful people.

CC: Who are some of your closest riding buddies?
Chance: For sure, I have to say my Dad, but there are way to many just to name a few.

CC: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers?
Chance: I would like to take this time to once again thank everyone that has made my life in the biker world such an enjoyment, and I look forward to many years of good riding, good friends, and I want to thank Cycle Connection for showing an interest in the young riders also. You guys are GREAT!

Interview by Mike Schweder