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Jeff Carter and His ‘06 Harley-Davidson Street Bob

Written by  September 30, 2006

I first heard of Jeff Carter through his father Noel, who I had business dealings with. It would turn out to be a coincidence that I returned to the car lot to speak with his father and found that Jeff had a very nice customized bike. Talk, as it will happen, led us to share a few contacts and talk about bikes and rides and such, and I was seriously curious about his Street Bob.

Although the pictures are pretty good, you almost have to see the bike in person to appreciate the detail. I missed two critical shots, one of the front fender rendering of a tattoo of Jeff’s of a Pegasus and the other of a small paw print that was the signature of the painter. For those unintentional blunders I will apologize. Normally I will do interviews at a set location, but the location proved to be bad for pictures so I followed Jeff in my truck to a local community park for pictures. The bike sounded great and I managed to get a fairly good shot over the steering wheel at a stoplight.

While talking bikes, trips and a little business, I asked Jeff about himself. The true story follows, at least what he will admit to. Did I mention that Jeff was at least twice my size?

Jeff is also known as HiPockets, a name given to him at a young age by his grandfather Paul Carter, who will be 100, yes one hundred years old on the 6th of November 2006. (Happy birthday Sir, and God Bless) By the time you read this Jeff will be 43 years old. He is divorced with three children, the youngest at 16 is still at home, the elder two are 23, and 27. Jeff has been blessed with two grandchildren, six months and three years old.

Jeff started riding very young and has been at it for 35 years. His first bike was a XR75 Honda dirt bike. There have been several bikes in between the dirt bike and his Harley. When asked why he rides, he gave me the same look I get all the time. It is the stark look of almost shock that anyone would even need to ask that question. Jeff did manage to reply that he rides because it is relaxing, and like being a professional truck driver, it gets into your blood.

I asked about his favorite and worst rides and once again was rewarded with the standard 'they’re all good.’ After a bit though, Jeff remembered his 13th birthday party at the Canadian River when a minister, who had a busy day, broke his leg riding when he tried to avoid another bike as probably the worst ride he could think of. Jeff also let me know that his favorite run was the annual Big Texas Toy Run because he liked seeing the looks on the faces of the children around all the toys.

I had a good time talking with Jeff and we made some tentative plans to get together and ride. I will look forward to it.

Bike Details:
Custom paint by Greywolf
All Chrome accessories - Bar & Shield & Signature Harley-Davidson parts
HD forward controls
HD Screaming Eagle II pipes
HD 2-up seat with tall sissy bar
HD Passenger Pegs

By Michael Lousha