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Nick Kasik and His ’01 Customized Harley-Davidson Sportster

Written by  July 31, 2005

Nick Kasik
Friendswood, Texas

I first met Nick Kasik and his wife Nikki at a bike night in Lee’s Summit, Missouri where their company, Temptress Choppers was sponsoring a wet T-shirt contest. A few days later I dropped by Nick’s shop to check out all the cool custom bike parts they were fabricating using the latest CNC machines.

Nick and Niki recently moved to the Houston, Texas area and are fitting right into the local motorcycle scene where they can enjoy year-round riding. We recently recruited Niki as a Cycle Connections account representative for the Houston and surrounding area, so if you’re looking for a great deal on advertising let me know and I’ll have Niki give you a call.

CC: Nick, what is your occupation?
Nick: I’m a construction manager and custom bike builder.

CC: Do you have any hobbies other than motorcycling?
Nick:Is there anything else?

CC: Why do you ride?
Nick: For the pure love of it.

CC: How long have you been riding?
Nick: I’ve been riding over 30 years.

CC: What was your first bike?
Nick: It was a Honda Trail 70 i got when I was six years old.

CC: How many bikes have you owned since then?
Nick: Lots!

CC: How many bikes do you currently own?
Nick: I currently have two bikes.

CC: What is your current “primary” bike?
Nick: It’s a 2001 Customized Harley-Davidson Sportster.

CC: What do you like most about your Sportster?
Nick: It is so different from everything else on the road. I meet so many people because everyone wants to talk to me about it.

CC: What is your dream bike?
Nick: Every bike I have at the time, because I build them the way I want them.

CC: What is your most memorable riding experience?
Nick: I would say it was my first time going to Sturgis in 2000. I rode there, spent the week, and then rode back. It was the true Sturgis experience before it got so out of hand with commercialization.

CC: What is your least memorable riding experience?
Nick: Don’t remember.

CC: To what motorcycle clubs or organizations do you belong?
Nick: None. I don’t need a club or a reason to ride.

CC: Which motorcycle rallies & events have you attended and which is your favorite?
Nick: Sturgis, the Steel Pony Express, Daytona and Galveston. I try to go to different ones as much as possible.

CC: Which is your favorite bike night location?
Nick: Whichever one I’m at.

CC: Do you have any tattoos?
Nick: Yes I have four. I have one on my back and arm and my best one across my back reads, “You ridicule me because I’m different…I laugh because you are all the same.”.

CC: Do you prefer riding in a group or by yourself?
Nick: I prefer riding with my wife Niki.

CC: Who are some of your closest riding buddies?
Nick: My wife Niki.

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos provided by Nick Kasik