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Written by  January 31, 2010

I was invited by my friend Darrell Curfman to attend a recent meeting of a motorcycle organization of which he is a charter member. The meeting, combined with the group’s winter party, was held at Paul and Jack’s in North Kansas City. I enjoyed meeting the organization’s President, Tom Norris, and several of the chapter’s members and guests. During the meeting, Tom conducted a “tour” of the organization’s website which seems very user-friendly and should provide members with plenty of useful information and opportunity to communicate. The following information was obtained from the Liberty Touring and Riding Association website:

“LIBERTY Touring & Riding Association was founded in 2009 in the Kansas City, Missouri area. It is our founding concept that our organization is here to support our membership, not the other way around. Every LIBERTY
member has a voice.
LIBERTY is a non-political riding organization. We emphasize safe and lawful riding. There is absolutely no alcohol allowed during sanctioned chapter rides. Our official rides do not bounce from bar to bar. Safe group riding is a must. We want to ride with all of our friends for many years to come.
If a fun, friendly and safe motorcycle riding association is what you are looking for, then check our LIBERTY Touring & Riding Association. If there is not a local LIBERTY Chapter in your area, we are more than happy to help you get one started.
The LIBERTY Mission Statement is as follows:
To promote and improve goodwill among motorcyclists and between motorcyclists and the general public; to encourage and promote motorcycle activities in each chapter's area; and to encourage safe and enjoyable motorcycle riding and group activities in a family friendly environment. LIBERTY Touring & Riding Association is open to all motorcycle makes and models.”

Question: What is LIBERTY Touring & Riding Association's annual membership fee?
Answer: Currently there are no membership fees to join LIBERTY Touring & Riding.

Question: How do I get information on starting a LIBERTY chapter in my area?
Answer: There is a link on the 'Home Page' to request information on starting a chapter.

Question: Is LIBERTY membership open to anyone regardless of the motorcycle make and model they ride?
Answer: Yes, LIBERTY is open to all motorcycle makes and models.

Question: What is a chapter's charter?
Answer: A charter is a licensing agreement between LIBERTY Touring & Riding Association and its chapters and provides operational guidelines.

Question: Are LIBERTY chapters non-profit or for-profit organizations?
Answer: Individual chapters can operate as either a non-profit or for-profit as they choose.

Question: Does LIBERTY support any particular charities?
Answer: Each chapter is open to choose their own individual charities to support.

Question: Can anyone purchase a LIBERTY back patch?
Answer: No, LIBERTY patches are available to members only.

In addition to the Q&A on the website, I had a few questions for Tom.

CC: Who are your organization’s officers?
Tom: I am President of both the national organization and Chapter 1-Kansas City. Ron Hulland is national Vice President and is President of Chapter 2-Ozarks. Sherree Kingman is Events Coordinator.

CC: When did the organization get its start?
Tom: Liberty Touring had its first meeting on September 19, 2009. Chapter 1 – Kansas City signed their charter. Chapter 2 – Ozarks signed their charter on Saturday, November 14, 2009.

CC: How many members do you have?
Tom: Kansas City currently has 35 members. Ozarks has 34 members.

CC: Do you have sponsoring motorcycle dealerships?
Tom: Our host dealership for Chapter 1 is Liberty Cycle Center. Chapter 2 is hosted by Destination Powersports.

CC: When and where are your meetings held?
Tom: Chapter 1 meets on the third Saturday of each month at Liberty Cycle Center, 321 N. State Route 291, Liberty, Missouri 64068, (816) 781-6880. The meetings begin at a.m. Meetings for Chapter 2 are currently held the second Tuesday of each month at 6 pm at Destination Power Sports, 225 S US Highway 60, Marionville, Missouri 65705, (417) 258-2544.

CC: What logo merchandise is available to your members?
Tom: We have a large LIBERTY logo back patch, small logo patch, and chapter rockers.

CC: What information is available on the LIBERTY Touring website?
Tom: There is general information about the organization and how to get a chapter started. We have a Member’s Area that contains open forums, events calendar and photo galleries.

CC: Are additional chapters in the works?
Tom: I am currently working with a group in Denver, Colorado, who are interested in starting a LIBERTY chapter in their area.

CC: Thanks, Tom. Looks like your organization is off to a great start!

Article by Stripe
Photos provided by LIBERTY Touring and Riding Association.

Photo Information:
Lead Photo: Charter members of LIBERTY Chapter 1 – Kansas City following our charter signing.
Chapter 1 Officers at Charter Signing (Lt to Rt: Harlan Breedlove, Ambassador; Paul Hartke, Sergeant at Arms; Tom Norris, President; Lori Schneegass, Treasurer; Parker Richmond, Secretary; Paul Schneegass, Vice President; Sherree Kingman, Events Coordinator.
Ron and Tom at Chapter 2 Charter Signing- (Lt to Rt: Ron Hulland, President Chapter 2 – Ozarks being congratulated at their charter signing by LIBERTY President Tom Norris)

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