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The Kansas Bikers Emergency Fund & the 2nd Annual Syd’s Run

Written by  July 31, 2006

The Kansas Bikers Emergency Fund (KBEF) is a non-profit organization of bikers helping bikers. The objective of the organization is to get immediate cash in the hands of a downed biker. The cash can be used for insurance deductible, medical expenses or funeral expenses.

The KBEF started July 9, 2005, after Chuck Tapp’s wife Syd died in a motorcycle accident. The organization is modeled after a program that started in Colorado. According to Rich Riggs there two kinds of bikers; those that have gone down and those that will go down.

Saturday, July 15, 2006 was a very hot day and still about sixty bikes showed up at Cooney’s in Olathe to support the 2nd Annual Syd’s Run sponsored by the KBEF. Each leg of the run stopped at a tavern that is a corporate sponsor of the KBEF. The stops included The Brickyard in Olathe, Tracy’s in Edgerton, Beer Thirty in De Soto, Grumpy’s in Olathe ending up at the Jobsite in Olathe with free food and live music. It was a great little ride with each leg of the run short enough that neither you nor your bike overheated between watering holes. There were cards to be drawn, raffles and plenty to drink at each stop.

The KBEF currently has approximately 30 cooperate sponsors and 40 members. The officers are Chuck Tapp President, Russ Wilkerson Vice-President, Andy Musto Secretary, Rich Riggs Sergeant at Arms and Jeff Lewis Treasure. The KBEF’s web address is and an application for membership can be applied for online.

By Gene Wineland