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Gail's American Heartland B.R.A.G. Club

Written by  January 31, 2006

During a visit to Gail’s Harley-Davidson in Grandview, Missouri, some time ago I had the pleasure of meeting Chris Sylva who works at Gail's and is also the Director of the local chapter of Buell Riders Adventure Group (B.R.A.G.). Chris invited me to attend the December, 2005, chapter meeting and meet some of the members. Due to unexpected circumstances the meeting was postponed to the Thursday immediately preceding Christmas, resulting in attendance being somewhat less than normal. The members in attendance made me feel very welcome, and some great chili was served. A couple of new Buell motorcycles were on display in the meeting room, and one was the versatile and popular new Ulysses. Conversation during the meeting focused on plans for the upcoming year. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to ask Chris a few questions about the organization.

CC: When was your B.R.A.G. chapter formed?
Chris: The Chapter was founded in January, 2005. Gail's Harley-Davidson & Buell became the sole Buell dealer in the Kansas City region the same year.

CC: What is the official name of the chapter?
Chris: The name is Gail's American Heartland B.R.A.G. Club.

CC: Who are the current primary officers?
Chris: I am the Director, and Sam Minnich is the Secretary/Treasurer.

CC: When and where does your club meet?
Chris: The meeting time for the club is 7 p.m. the third Thursday of each month unless a conflicting schedule causes the need for a change. The meetings are held at Gail's Harley-Davidson & Buell in the H.O.G./B.R.A.G. Room, usually followed by a ride to one of several local bike night events. Paddy O'Quigley's and Fuel are two favorites.

CC: What are the requirements for membership?
Chris: A national B.R.A.G. membership is required, a $45 cost. Additional dues are $15 to join the local dealer-sponsored club. Benefits range from discounts on insurance and shipping to roadside assistance and more.

CC: What support is provided by Gail's?
Chris: The dealership provides support in many ways including a location for the meetings and dealer-supported B.R.A.G. specific events. For example, we had the Buell demo fleet here in the Spring of 2005 at Gail's expense, along with give-away products provided by the dealership at each meeting and membership in Gail's customer loyalty program for discounts at the dealership.

CC: How many local members are there?
Chris: We currently have 42. Anyone who buys a new Buell automatically gets a one-year membership to the local club.

CC: How do H.O.G. and B.R.A.G. relate?
Chris: On a national level, the relationship between the two is that they are both Harley-Davidson sponsored clubs with similar benefits. Their appeal is often to different segments of the motorcycling community. On the local level, we see that they are very similar. We have H.O.G. members who own Buells and Buell members who have owned many Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The two clubs welcome each other's members on rides, along with riders of other makes on designated open rides.

CC: In what events does your club participate?
Chris: Future events we plan to take part in are Gail's 9-11 Ride, the Bikers for Babies charity event, and the Buell Homecoming national ride. The B.R.A.G. club is a diverse group spanning models from the mid-1990's to current 2006 models. Performance is a common thread, and several of the club's members have pursured that to spectacular ends. The bottom line is that we love our motorcycles and motorcycling in general, and we are here to have fun, whether it is riding, talking about our bikes, or wrenching on them.

CC: Thanks for the information, Chris, and for the invitation to your meeting and chili feed. Much appreciated!

For any of you Buell riders out there in the Kansas City area, I would encourage you to attend a B.R.A.G. meeting at Gail's. It's a great opportunity to make new friends who share your passion for motorcycling in general and specifically for Buell bikes.

Story and Photos by Stripe