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Iron Horsemen - Sedalia, Missouri

Written by  July 31, 2005

In 1959 a group of riders in Sedalia, Missouri, decided to form a club based on their shared enthusiasm for the sport of motorcycling. That club, known as the Iron Horsemen, M.C. is still going strong today. I had the privilege of meeting a number of the members at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia at a motorcycle field meet sponsored by the club on July 30. Jeff Arnwine, the “Little General” was the coordinator the the event, but found time to provide some information about the Iron Horsemen.

The club has about 60 members most of whom live within a 45-mile radius of Sedalia. They meet on the first and third Monday of each month at Yeager’s Cycle Sales. Jeff described the club dues as “minimal.” Members ride motorcycles of various brands and sizes. The Iron Horsemen sponsor about eight events each year including the field meet, poker runs, a off-road poker enduro, and motocross races to benefit various charities. They also provide Christmas gifts to five or six families annually. The club assists with the promotion of the A.M.A. Grand National races run every year on Sedalia’s half mile dirt oval. Members participate in group rides to such events as the Topeka drag races, arenacross races in St. Louis, and Little Sturgis.

Two of the original club members, Wayne Butterwick and Ward Wollard, were present at the field meet. Wayne, a Gold Wing rider, informed me that the size of the club has varied through the years and is currently experiencing growth. Wayne attends most of the club events unless there is a schedule conflict with a family event, usually something involving his grandchildren. He describes the members as a great bunch. “They don’t come any better!” I can attest that the group has a blast when they get together, judging from the fun at field meet.

Current club officers are:
President-Larry Yeager
Vice President-John Arnwine
Treasurer-Rick Yeager
Head Road Captain-Steve Beorkle
Dirt Captain-Kevin Funk
Sergeant at Arms-Bernie Hedrick

Look for an article about the July 30 field meet in a future edition of Cycle Connections On Line Magazine.

For more information about the Iron Horsemen contact Larry Yeager at Yeager's Cycle Sales (660-826-2925).
Story and Photos by Stripe