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Khrome Cowgirls 1st Birthday Party

Written by  November 30, 2004

On Saturday, November 13, the Khrome Cowgirls of Kansas City Chapter of Women in the Wind (WITW) celebrated their 1st birthday party at Drafters Bar & Grill in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. Since this year also happens to mark the 25th Anniversary of the National Organization of WITW, there was even more reason to party (like these women really need a reason)!

Margaret and I arrived about 6:30 p.m., and as we approached the entrance to the bar, we were pleasantly surprised (but not shocked) to see that our friend, Lisa Brenek, one of the original founders and former President of the Khrome Cowgirls was standing on the sidewalk next to the front door talking with Gail Worth.

After a couple good hugs, Lisa told us she had driven straight through fromTexas to be there tonight, and wouldn’t have missed it for the world. She told us she was so proud of her girls, and how well they’d managed to keep everyone together and continue to grow the organization after she had moved to Texas to be with her mother, who needed help dealing with some health issues. It was so good to see her again and to find out that she was doing well and enjoying her new career as the Service Manager at Bell County Harley-Davidson in Temple, Texas.

Upon entering the bar, the first thing you seen was a gorgeous quilt that was made by sewing together the backs of several local motorcycle businesses' t-shirts, including Cycle Connections. As it turns out, Debbi Allen a.k.a. Little Toto, the club’s Newsletter Editor/Photographer/Web Mistress, had made the quilt herself and the club was auctioning it off that night. There was a table set up next to the front door where you could buy raffle tickets for the quilt for $5 each. We bought a couple tickets and went on in the bar to see what was going on.

We ran into Margaret’s cousin, Rosie, who is the club’s Activities Director and also met several members of the Leather Angels Chapter of WITW who had came all the way from Bartlesville, Oklahoma to help celebrate the Khrome Cowgirl’s 1st birthday party. What a group!

Lindsay welcomed everyone to the party, and herself, Lisa, and several of the Khrome Cowgirl officers spoke and made announcements. Following the announcement, there was a brief awards ceremony in which Russ, the owner of Drafter, Gail Worth, of Gail’s Harley-Davidson, and I, representing Cycle Connections received Certification of Appreciation awards for our donations and support to the Khrome Cowgirl’s for their first year.

After the awards were handed out, we got all of the Khrome Cowgirls and Leather Angels together on the dance floor for a group shot. At that time I also found out that just that night, five new members had signed up, bringing the total number of Khrome Cowgirl members to 75. I was also informed that the Khrome Cowgirls is the largest WITW chapter in the entire organization! Yahoo!

Following the group photo, John Paul & The Hellhounds took the stage and soon had everyone rocking to some great blues. John can play one mean harmonica! I also ran into Tom Talley, owner of Hawg Wyld Cycles in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, and several of his crew, who were there having a great time. Stripe also showed up and was snapping off a few photos for our magazine. After a couple more drinks, we said our goodbyes and headed for the car.

As I’ve gotten to know more and more members of this wonderful organization, I can honestly tell you this group has more fun and camaraderie than any other organization I have ever seen. These gals do some serious riding and they really know how to have fun!

Just take a look at their web site at and you’ll see how active their organization is. If there’s a ride, rally or event going on anywhere within riding distance of Kansas City, you can rest assured that someone from the Khrome Cowgirls with be there representing their group.

I found out from Debbi a few days later that Dolly Owens, the club Treasurer had won the quilt and Valerie L had won the door prize. I told Debbi that since one of the officers had won the quilt and I didn’t, I thought the raffle drawing was rigged!

On behalf of Cycle Connections Online Motorcycle Magazine, I want to congratulate the Khrome Cowgirls on their 1st birthday and best wishes for many more. I also want to thank them for the Certification of Appreciation award and to let them know how much we appreciate them for everything the do for the entire motorcycle community.

Story by Mike Schweder

Photos by Mike Schweder, Margaret Liggett
and Stripe