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Written by  October 31, 2004

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I met Mike Hysom at the Soul
Brothers drags fourth of July weekend at KCIR. Mike is the Team Manager and one
of the performers with the
Kansas City
based stunt team, KC’s Most Wanted.


I was standing out in the
middle of the drag strip when all of a sudden these sport bikes start doing all
these amazing tricks around me. Not knowing what was going on, I just started
shooting photos thinking these guys had crashed the drags and were just showing
off. After taking some photos and noticing that no one was doing anything to get
rid of them, I realized they were part of the show. What a show it was.


Since I’ve never seen a stunt
show like this, I was impressed to just stand in the middle of these guys as
they went up and down the strip pulling all sorts of tricks that would make most
people’s hair stand on end. It was obvious the crowd felt the same way by their
hooting, hollering and gasping at these professional riders. After the show, I
tried to track down Mike and the rest of the crew to find out more about them
and their group.  Unfortunately, with my busy schedule at the magazine, I wasn’t
able to catch up with Mike until this month. So here we go…


CC: How long have you been


Mike: I started riding in March
of ’03. My good friend and teammate, Grant thought I should get a bike, just so
I could hang out with him since most of our friends had bikes. Once I saw what
they were doing I was hooked. I have never really been on a bike before this one
so I was nervous at first. The more I rode, the more I realized that stunt
riding was what I wanted to do. I love it, the sport is still young but KC’s
Most Wanted is going on four years now. I was pretty much a substitute until
June of last year when Eric decided to retire due to a bad crash. I have met a
lot of people along the way, most of which I would have never met without my
bike and what we do. There has been a lot of people that have stood out too,
Grant, Greg, and Johnny, my teammates, taught me a lot of what I know today on
how to ride.


CC:  Who else has helped KC’s
Most Wanted along the way?


Mike: Steve Smithers of
Smithers Customs has been a great sponsor for our team, he has
provided me a bike when mine was blown up, a place to work on our bikes, all
kinds of new parts, high performance, drag racing, and he can do everything
in-house. Steve is a great guy and has an outstanding sport bike shop. Also Dan
Jackson with Team XMX has helped our team out with booking shows, promotions and
possible DVD hopefully by mid 2005. And I can’t forget Brad Peterson of OZ Cycle
Salvage who has been a big help with used parts. Brad is
another great person and has about every used part in his yard. If he doesn’t
have it there he can find it for you. Oz can also get new parts and accessories
for just about anything bike related.


CC: How many bikes do you
currently own? 


Mike: Two, a ’93 Honda CBR
900RR (stunt model), and ’03 Honda XR 50


CC: What is the year, make, and
model of your current 'primary' bike? 


Mike: A ’93 Honda CBR 900RR


CC: What do you like most about
your current 'primary' bike?  


Mike: Well, it looks like crap
but runs awesome, and I can do anything I want to do on it. If I wreck, I just
pick it back up and try again; if something brakes, I just fix it. If I get
hurt, I just get back on and ride it off.


CC: What is your dream bike?


Mike: A 2004 Kawasaki 636 or a
2004 GSXR 600. They are very well balanced, a solid front end on both, fuel
injection (runs at 12 o’clock), and good brake and throttle response.


CC: What is your most memorable
riding experience? 


Mike: The Stunt Life Freestyle
Shootout competition in
It was my first completion ever, I was nervous, and had to show everything I had
in three minutes. I qualified 6th, but didn’t make it to finals. The
experience was great and I can’t wait to compete in 2005.


CC: Which motorcycle rallies &
events have you attended? And which is your favorite?


Mike: Bikers for Babies, Rolla
Rally, Miller Lite Bike give away, Soul Brothers Bike drags, Star Boyz Stunt
fest, Stunt Life Freestyle Shootout, Street Fighterz Ride of the Century, and
Circle the City. I would say Circle the City was my favorite, as it was here in


CC: Do you prefer riding in a
group or by yourself?


Mike: I prefer riding with my
team at our spot. We motivate each other and ride well together.


CC: Who are some of your
closest riding buddies?


Mike: Grant Sunday, Greg
Sunday, Johnny Seals, Aaron Cline, Dan Jackson, Jeff Schneider and Matt


CC: Just for fun, which of your
riding buddies is the best rider? 


Mike: I would say Grant or Dan.
They have both competed on a national level and in 2003 Grant took 4th
and Dan was national champion.


CC: Other facts or topics of
interests you would like to share with your fellow riders:


Mike: I have always looked up
to Kevin Marino of the Star Boyz.  He and the Star Boyz pretty much started it
all for stunt riding and it was cool to meet someone as well known as him. I
also love to perform in front of a crowd, most people have never seen anything
like this, and they go crazy when they finally do.


Everyone be sure to check out
the upcoming 2005 schedule on and definitely make it out to see us at one of our
shows.  This year has been an excellent year for us, all thanks to our fans and
sponsors that have supported us throughout the year.  We look forward to 2005
being an even better year.



All I can say is if you haven’t
seen these guys perform, you are missing out on one hell of a show. Aside from
being at the top of their game, they are all very approachable and well liked
performers who love to ride, and have no fear when it comes to showing off their
skills as riders. I will be following them closely in the upcoming year and you
can bet your life that I’ll be taking more photos of these talented showmen.


Note: The photos below are from
the Soul Brothers Drags back in July of 2004 and some are from the Bikers for
Babies Charity Ride in September 2004 and feature additional stunt riders like
Jeff Schneider.
Review by Wayne Thompson

Photos by Wayne Thompson and Stripe