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Proud to be Diverse - Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts (HoAME)

Written by  January 31, 2004

One night while I was out with a few coworkers enjoying an extended happy hour in the backroom at McBride’s Irish Pub in Overland Park, we were informed by the waitress that a motorcycle club was scheduled to hold their monthly meeting that night. As we moved out of the backroom, my coworkers looked at me for an explanation, as they know I ride and live in the area. Since I had no clue which club was meeting there, I decided to stay and find out.
As various men and women trickled in, I struck up a conversation with some of them, asking a few questions. The club was called the Heart of America Motorcycle Enthusiasts (HoAME), which is Kansas City based and originated in the late 1980's by a small group of riders. Today, they have over 150 members, riders diverse in both machines and styles, and they are quite proud of that diversity.

In 1992, the club organized their first weekend motorcycle rally and show at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, Kansas. Over time, the Clinton Lake Rally became an AMA sanctioned event. The rally remains the club's major annual event and attracts hundreds of spectators and participants from many surrounding states. It is a three day event, drawing an average of 100 entrants for the bike show. The bikes include Nortons, Ducatis, BMWs, Moto Guzzis, Triumphs, American, Japanese, Competition, and others. Many collectors provide various restored seldom-seen motorcycles for everyone to view. Check our local rally and event page for more information as it becomes available on their upcoming May 2004 rally weekend.

The club coordinates weekly breakfast and lunch rides throughout the area. Specialty rides are led by many well experienced riders within the group, with time being the only limitation. Some of the members have collections of bikes that would make most of us drool with envy. In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing the Norton collection, my first big bike in the early 70’s.

Annual membership is $15 and meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at McBride's Irish Pub at 7:30 p.m. I was welcomed sincerely into their fold and was honored to share a few beers with them. Club President, Jim van Eman introduced all of the guests and allowed each of us time to share a little bit about ourselves and our bikes. They discussed current events, rides, race results and crashes. Occasionally they will present a video or bring in a guest speaker. They do recommend that you come early and try the fish and chips, along with a pint or two of Guinness on tap. I completely agreed and was way ahead of them, imagine that! Keep in mind it was snowing that night, so all the bikes were safely tucked in for the evening!

HoAME is well founded with a large diversity of people and bikes, a winning combination that ensures a great time for all! The HoAME web site provides much more information on the club and their races. Additional benefits of joining are access to their discussion board, online chat, classifieds, calendar of events, photo albums, new friends and more opportunities to ride.


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