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Day Trippin to Lynchburg, Tennessee By: Karla Duncan

Written by  July 1, 2019

   Being the avid motorcycle riders that we are, we are always looking for new places to ride. We have ridden all over Alabama and have seen so many interesting places, but we really have been looking to branch out and find some new and different places to visit. We had tossed around the idea about riding to Lynchburg, Tennessee to tour the Jack Daniel’s distillery for a while, but had never gotten around to it until this past weekend. So, our group of 8 riders and 4 motorcycles, met on Saturday, May 25th at the Shell gas station off of Highway 79 in Pinson, and traveled up Hwy 79 North to 231 North. We followed 231 North though Blountsville, Arab, Huntsville and then onto Highway 431 North and followed it through Hazel Green, Alabama into Fayetteville, Tennessee. We then took State Rd 50 into Lynchburg, Tennessee, where we stopped into the Lynchburg Downtown Square, to stretch our legs and look around. Some of our group visited Lynchburg Harley-Davidson apparel shop, while others did a little shopping at the local stores in the square.


We then decided to eat lunch at Barrel House BBQ, which was located in the square. The staff was extremely pleasant and the food was excellent! The owner, Chuck Baker, was very cordial and walked around engaging in conversation with the patrons. Several of us had the Grilled Cheese on Crack, which is their signature sandwich (grilled cheese filled with pulled pork, American cheese and Habanero sauce), while others had a barbecue sandwich with a side. I decided to add pepperjack cheese to mine. It was so good and the sides we all chose were pretty good too. A couple in our group tried the Jack in the Bundt cake and they said it was really good.

After lunch, we headed over to the Lynchburg/Moore County Jail Museum, also in the downtown square. This museum is operated by the Moore County Historical Society. As we gathered in the front room, we were told stories about both the officers that had worked there and the inmates imprisoned at the jail over the years. Stories about births and or deaths that had occurred there and about how many people think the old jail is haunted.   We saw old jail cells for both men and women and were also told a little about the family that once lived onsite. Upstairs there was a couple of rooms that held vintage clothing, photos, quilts, sewing machines and looms from earlier time periods. All was very interesting.

Then we set off for our museum tour, some of the group wanted to shop a little more and some of us walked across the square to get some ice cream at Prince’s Parlor, where their signature item is Jack Daniel’s ice cream with raisins added. This flavor was very good and the prices were very reasonable.

After visiting several of the stores that displayed furniture made of whiskey barrels outside and lots of Jack Daniel’s souvenir items for purchase inside, we mounted the motorcycles and headed out to Jack Daniel’s distillery to tour the facility.

Since it was already getting later in the afternoon, we opted to do the “Dry County Tour” (no whiskey tasting) that was offered. We had to wait awhile for our tour to start, so we wandered around and looked at all the cool memorabilia that was inside the Welcome Center, and when we got tired of looking, we sat down in front of a wall made entirely of wire racks and whiskey bottles and sipped on cold lemonade and water that was offered to the patrons.

A tour group photo and individual or group photos were taken just outside the Welcome Center, and once our tour started, we rode a bus up to the top of the hill behind the Welcome Center. We were let out with our guide, Anthony, and we walked the complete tour. It was a good deal of walking with stairs involved in some of the buildings we visited. I don’t remember the exact length of walking, but it was probably about 1/3 of a mile and included approximately 120 stairs both inside and out. We were able to take lots of photos outside, but were restricted at times, from taking photos inside. Anthony, our tour guide, said that the photo restriction was not due to their secrecy, but because the alcohol fumes could react with the cameras and cause a spark that could start a fire or explosion.

After we toured the distillery, we decided it was time to head back toward Sweet Home Alabama! We ended up traveling back 431 South to 565 West into Huntsville and then on to 31 South into Decatur, Alabama, where we ended up visiting the 2019 Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic that was being held that day. We arrived just before dusk, where we saw multiple hot air balloons tethered. There were balloons of all colors and even a few character balloons onsite.   Some of the balloon pilots were allowing people to have free photos made inside their balloons, but no actual rides were being given due to the time of day. A few in our group had their pictures made in the balloons and it was really cool. There were food vendors and music, along with some give-a-ways. I even ran into one of my favorite radio personalities- Roxanne from WDJC Christian station in Birmingham! She is such a sweetie!!!

We stayed until well after dark and were able to see all the balloons lit up and on parade for what they called the “Glow”! This is where all the balloons light up the night sky – it was so beautiful!

Once the venue ended, we headed back to the bikes, and headed back out on the road towards home. One final stop for gas, and then on to Waffle House to get some breakfast for a late dinner, before heading home. There’s nothing like having breakfast late at night- Yum! We followed 31 South most of the way home, with some of our group splitting off onto I-65 towards their destinations.

We had a wonderful, exhausting trip, that lasted all day long. We left around 8:30 am that morning and didn’t get home until around midnight or after. We know we must have traveled at least 300 plus miles that day, but it was so much fun! If you have time to, please consider visiting these places, as soon as you can.

I am including the names of all the places and their websites below for you to check them out…

***Lynchburg, Tennesee Downtown Business District – multiple shops to check out, including these…

***Barrel House BBQ – www.barrelhousebbqtn.com They also have a Facebook page.   Be sure to read about Chuck Baker, the owner- he was once a contestant on PitMaster’s BBQ.

***Lynchburg/Moore County Jail Museum – www.lynchburgtn.com – They also have a Facebook page.

***Prince’s Parlor Ice Cream Shop – They have a Facebook page, but no website.

***Jack Daniel’s Distillery – www.ackdaniels.com/visit - They also have a Facebook page where you can book a tour.