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2018-Motor Maid Convention in Montgomery Alabama

Written by  August 3, 2018

  July the 9th, 2018, marked the start of the Motor Maid convention, where hundreds (final count of 423 plus 150 guests) of women from all over the country converged on to the city of Montgomery, Alabama. Motor Maid membership currently stands at 1323.


  They kicked the convention off with a big ass parade that took a while to make their way through town starting at Biscuits Baseball Stadium. Don't you just love the name; wonder if they have a gravy train that runs through it?

  Among those making this arduous trip was Loretta Meyer and Carrie Penny from Michigan. Carrie has been riding for 63 years, and they have been riding together since 1975!

  Also making this trip was Georgia Brooks from Harvest, Alabama who is the oldest member in Alabama at 77 years young.

Then there was Gloria Struck; one of the oldest Motor Maids (the oldest in attendance) at the glorious age of 93...Wow, that's just some kind of wonderful, and she's still riding! Gloria has also written a book that she debuted at her book signing, which I plan on getting my hands on (thanks to Ms Vicky Vail) to hopefully offer you guys a book review on sometime in the future, or you can just get out and get your own, and check it out for yourself! :-)

This convention brought together the oldest to the youngest with Ms Alexis Holman at the ripe ole age of 14! Alexis is the granddaughter to Deb Bailey who teaches riding classes at Harley-Davidson and a few other locations.

They still bring the beautiful "pink" bike to the conventions that belonged to founder Dot Robinson who has sadly rode on to start a Motor Maid chapter in heaven.

Some of the bunch took time out from the convention to try their luck at the near by casino and from the looks of things it appears that they might have been quiet lucky indeed!

The group photo from this convention will be added to the Sturgis Hall of Fame! Awesome!!

  We want to thank Vicky Vail & Vicky Hicks for their contribution of some fantastic photos!