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42nd Annual ABATE of Kansas Labor Day Rally Award Winners - Lake Perry, Kansas

Written by  October 15, 2017

Apologies for missed names and misspelling.   Contestants don’t always supply complete information, and handwriting is sometimes difficult to read.  Lists and photos follow:  Photos by Stripe and Doc Lonnie Blum.


Bike Game Winners

Keg Push              1st #7                                   2nd #3

Potato Pick Up    1st J&T                                2nd Smith

Tire Toss              1st Mike & Shelly                             2nd Alan

Balloon Toss       1st Rick &_______            2nd Horndog & ________

Road Kill Pick Up 1st Poppa Duck & ________   2nd Rick & ________

Weenie Bite        1st Mike & Shelly                             2nd J&T

Mini Bike Race   1st James              2nd Joe

Tire Drag             1st Rick & _______ 2nd Smith & ________

Slow Race            1st Horndog         2nd #3

Barrel Race         1st Mike Nichols 2nd Horndog


Bike Show Classes and winners

Touring                1st Brian Graybeal             2nd Joe Prehal

Rat                        1st Pat L. Haith                   2nd Sam Dakin

Metric Sport        1st Todd Story (Smurf)

Metric Cruser      1st Bill Hendricks                             2nd Michael Ehnert

Sportster              1st Jodi Doerr                     2nd Cliff

Small CC              1st Roy Flowers

Custom                 1st Steven Light                  2nd Kenny Collins

Antique Custom 1st Jason Far                       2nd Tank

Antique                1st Chopper Al                   2nd Trenton Myrick

Trike                     1st Larry & LouAnn Kibbee            2nd Lonnie Blum

American             1st Donnie Provance         2nd Leann Danner

Classic                 1st Gilbert Ramirez           

Best of Show       Michael McGilton-Touring

People’s Choice Steven Light-Custom  

Thanks to Tony Rawls-Riley for information


Dirt Drags

Open Class - 18 racers

1st-Brian Handke-Muscotah, Kansas

2nd-Martin Smith-Lansing, Kansas

3rd-Jared Morey-Hiawatha, Kansas

Knobby Tire-7 racers

1st-Martin Smith-Laning, Kansas

2nd-MikeWarren-St. Joseph, MIssouri

3rd-Rooster Hudgins-St. Joseph, Missouri

Street Tire-20 racers

1st-Justin Tawzer-Horton, Kansas

2nd-Barry Lorson-Hope, Kansas

3rd-Kevin Boulware-Sabetha, Kansas

Metric Knobby Tire-4 racers

1st-Brian Handke-Muscotah, Kansas

2nd-Jared Morey-Hiawatha,Kansas

3rd-KevinBoulware-Sabetha, Kansas


Thanks to Hillary Myers for results

Photos by Stripe and Doc Lonnie Blum






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