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Paint & Ink – The Body Art of Sturgis

Written by  August 30, 2017

The Black Hills Rally is a mecca for those freedom loving souls who use their own bodies as an art canvass. As you walk the streets of Sturgis during the rally, you see a number of colorful and intricate tattoos and paintings walking the streets with you. This year, I tried to record some of this art, both the finished product and the process of creating it. The creations run the gamete from a simple symbol or writing to epic masterpieces that cover the whole body.

I would like to thank a couple of body paint artists who made this venture enjoyable. Ronnie Cyr and his assistant, who have a bodypainting shop inside One-Eyed Jacks Saloon, and Michael Green, who has a body painting shop inside the Glencoe Campground. These two body paint shops found out what I was doing and told me times to come by when they had interesting projects scheduled.

Also, a big thank you to all the Sturgis partyers who showed me their tattoos to photograph for this pictorial.