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1st Annual Bobstock Motorcycle Rally – Coffey, Missouri

Written by  July 30, 2017

Last year a large group of bikers were devastated by the announcement that a local Missouri motorcycle rally they had all attended together for many years would be no more. Then Robert Carr and a large group of his friends decided to put together one themselves, and Bobstock was born. Their ideas, work, and dedication led up to the 1st Bobstock Rally, which was held July 13-16, 2017.

In a relatively short time, they turned a farm just outside Coffey, Missouri into a campground with a swimming pond featuring a sand beach, a bar, and two stages. Sadly, I was unable to get there until the afternoon of the 15th, so I missed a lot of fun that took place on the previous two days.

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by several people I knew from previous rallies in Missouri and Kansas. It was great to visit with them and reminisce about all the great memories.

The ladies running the bar on the grounds kept affordable drinks flowing throughout the afternoon and evening, and on Saturday afternoon, a couple were holding their wedding ceremony at one of the stages while the band was setting up on the other stage.

There were several food vendors who kept everyone well fed, and Spillen Ink Tattoo was busy doing their art. The opening band for the night, 7 Years Out, set a cooler of free beer in front of the stage to attract the crowd closer to the stage and party with them. The main band for the night was Bridges Burnt, and there were some lap dances happening on the stage during their performance. During the band’s break, the rally hosted a “What T-shirt Contest” on the shower stage with over $600 in prize money and a plaque for the winner.

The big thing throughout the whole rally was the comradery and friendliness of the more than 561 attendees. Robert Carr said, “I was happy with the turnout with it being the first one, and with eight inches of rain falling the night before opening. Lots of people said they loved the way everyone got along, with no drama, no scuffles, and part of a family they felt.” The dates are already set for the 2nd Annual Bobstock, which will take place July 12-14, 2018.

I know I plan to see everyone there next year.