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Want More Horsepower and Torque?

Written by  February 29, 2004

Now that the snow and ice has melted away and the temperature is above freezing, my thoughts and glances are more focused on my motorcycle. This year I’m considering increasing my horsepower and rear torque. Just the thought of spring brings out the need for speed in me, so I decided to do a little research on the subject.

My journey led me to Gail’s Harley-Davidson Performance Center . Now all you non-Harley riders don’t leave this article yet. The Performance Center may be located at a Harley-Davidson dealership, but they will Dynometer all makes and models! They will do perfromance work on most bikes, but not all. We know that heart pounding, eye-popping performance comes to our bikes in many ways, ranging from well performed tune ups to complete engine rebuilds. One of the best ways to check how your ride is performing in horsepower and torque is to run it up on a Dynometer.

Mike Wilson, also known as Dyno Mike, opened the Performance Center six years ago. He is more than happy to run your bike on his Dynometer machine; for a small fee of course. However, from that computer readout, Mike can provide immediate feedback to you about your bike’s current horsepower and torque. With that information and knowing your desires, he can provide options which the Performance Center can do to increase your bike’s performance. The performance team is capable of excellent workmanship in a short amount of time.

When Mike opened the Performance Center, he asked Dave Adams to be the second half of the power team. Dave brought his expertise in engine parts machining to the Center. Dave has over 25 years of experience in the trade and personally machines all parts in-house, which guarantees excellent workmanship and quick turn around. Both Mike and Dave proudly boast that a Performance Package can be installed on most bikes within 24 hours. They will even pickup and deliver your bike, making it even easier!

They even invite you to the race track to allow you to legally open it up and see everything in front of you turn to a blur! The Performance Center has been turning out hot bikes at a rate of over 100 a year, with over 800 bikes under their belts. They even have a special identifier they put on a bike they work on, and if you see it, be careful not to race title for title. Shop around if you must, but this performance team will be hard to beat.

At the end of my interview with Dave, he was kind and patient enough to walk me through a disassembled after market super-sized 1,966 cubic inch Sportster engine, which will end up producing over 200 horsepower! I could see the fine workmanship Dave had done welding and machining the heads and pistons; he truly knows his business. They offer great Performance Packages year-round. Right now they are offering a 15 percent discount for most bikes; but you have to hurry before spring arrives because the discount leaves with the cold weather.

If you love your bike, but desire more power, don’t sell it! Take the time to call Dyno Mike at 816-331-2222 and schedule an appointment for an evaluation. I think you’ll find the power you’re looking for is already sitting right under your seat.


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