In Memory Of

Kenny McDaniels

Written by  August 31, 2007

Kenny McDaniels
February 1, 1954 – December 28, 2006

Our friend Kenny was killed on the job, December 28, 2006. Kenny had worked as a union electrician for over 30 years and was very proficient at what he did. He loved his family very much. He had two sisters, Sheri and Kathy, two beautiful daughters, Holly and Heather and a much loved grand-daughter Haleigh. Kenny McDaniels, was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri and he lived here all his life.

He was always ready to ride, help his friends and spend time with his family. Kenny was the first person to jump in and work on anyone's broken down bike. He always had his han6dy screwdriver ready to adjust that carb, and was forever on the hunt to find the most obnoxious pipes for his bike.

If you were a friend of Kenny's, then he was a true friend of yours. Now we go for you, our friend, on a boot run to celebrate your life and memories. Kenny you will be missed by all that knew you, but I am sure you're having the time of your life forever riding the skies.


Someday, maybe, we will understand,
why you were taken from this land.

God must have seen your smiling eyes,
and decided you were needed by his side.

To us, who remain behind,
we will see you when it's our time.

So when we meet again someday,
we can laugh and ride together,
won't that be a glorious day.

So please watch over us, for a while,
until we again can see your smile.

We're stopping for coffee now. Later Gator!

Your friend Audrey Fulks