In Memory Of

David “TRAMP” Coffey

Written by  March 31, 2007

David “TRAMP” Coffey
Founding Member: APEA
April 28th, 1957 – December 15th, 2006

Tramp was everyone’s friend and he never met a stranger. He was an ordained minister and officiated at many of his friends and follow riders weddings. He was always active helping everyone else out whether it was putting together a benefit run, helping you fix your bike or just fixing a leaky sink. In a pinch, you could always count on him to have his duct tape because he never knew when his boots would need a new piece to hold them together. Wild and Crazy, and the girls loved him. He would give you the shirt off his back but would rather you didn’t have one so he could see your tits. Naughty and ornery, but he loved his family and friends and took care of every one of us in his own special way. We have been blessed because there will always be a little bit of “Tramp” in all of us now.


His life, an endless adventure.

His name, known among many.

The rider became a legend, for his many deeds, the good and the bad.

A legend among the women, who fell captive to his charming ways, to his dangerous gaze.

An idol to the younger riders, the newer generation, whose bravery and courage, isn't always in question.

The rider will leave behind a trail of broken hearts, teary eyes and a smile on many faces.

Faces that remember the good times, filled with enthusiastic stories, some truth, some far fetched.

Faces remembering the many jokes once told or faces just remembering the rider himself.

Carefree and free spirited, constantly seeking new adventures and telling others of the old.

The rider, a great man, never to be forgotten, too full of life to be dismissed.
In future days as one hears the sound of a bike, sure as the sky is blue, the rider will come to mind.

A tear may fall, but a smile is sure to follow.

Author: Paul Coffey [son of David and Dora [Sis] Coffey