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Reno's Yamaha Aprilia's Factory Pro Dynamistic Machine

Written by  September 30, 2007

Have you ever been riding along when all of a sudden your bike stalls, starts missing or seems sluggish? Or maybe you twist the throttle and she spits a little before hauling ass on down the road?

Is so, you're faced with the choice of what to do next. Do you try troubleshooting it yourself, or maybe ask a friend for help? Unless you or one of your riding buddies is mechanically inclined and up-to-speed on all the latest troubleshooting techniques, you may find yourself riding sideways in the saddle holding a screwdriver in one hand while trying to stay on the road and adjust the carburetor at the same time. After all, that's what it has to be; right? You're just sure it's the carb…or maybe it's a fouled plug…how a loose wire?

It those options aren't appealing to you, you now have a much better choice. Take your bike to Reno's Yamaha Aprilia at 13611 Holmes Road in Kansas City, Missouri and have them put it on their Factory Pro High Precision EC997 Dyne System. While on the dyno your bike is run through the gears at the same speeds you would be riding at while on the road. The dyno analysis pinpoints any trouble spots without the all the guesswork. Knowing what the problem is while your bike is still at the shop enables you to have a technician repair, replace or make whatever adjustment are necessary to get your bike running at top performance again.

I talked with Reno's owner Steve Okenfuss about their dynamistic machine, which has been in operation January of this year. Steve told me he has several, qualified technicians certified to dyno your bike, so all you need to do is contact Roger in the service department to make an appointment to have your bike tested. Steve also pointed out that even though you may not being experiencing problems, it's always good to know your bike is performing at its highest level, ensuring a longer life, better gas mileage, and the best over all performance for your machine.

After talking with Steve it made sense for me to see Roger at the service desk and make an appointment to have them dyno my bike. After installing new Vance & Hines® Longshots on my bike, I thought it would be a good idea to see how it performed with the new pipes. Service Manager Roger Lear assigned Steve Church, a.k.a. Stymee, the task of putting my 2005 Yamaha Road Star Silverado on the dyno. On a side note, make sure to check back in a future issue of Cycle Connections to see Stymee's 1950 Panhead he recently rebuilt.

After performing the dynamistic test it was shown I needed an adjustment and smaller screw in the carburetor. My bike was performing well enough, and I wouldn't have ever known an adjustment was needed. Nothing major, Stymee said, so while my bike was already in the shop I asked him to go ahead and make the necessary adjustments so it would be performing at top level and help increase my gas mileage a bit.

I was very impressed with my dyno results, and I'm sure you will be too. So, make sure to call or stop by today and talk to Roger at the service desk to make an appointment and have your bike put on Reno's Factory Pro dynamistic machine for a quick look-see!

By Phil Peeler


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