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Reno's Yamaha Aprilia Grand Reopening

Written by  June 30, 2006

“Rain, rain go away!” was the chant to the motorcycle gods as we began to set up the Cycle Connections booth for Reno’s Yamaha Aprilia grand reopening.

Activity was all around as Reno’s sales; service and parts guys were opening for business. All eyes were on the skies as we finished setting up. Chef Loy Johnson and his beautiful assistant Diane Okunfuss were setting up the BBQ grill, and the smell of charcoal and BBQ was filling the air so much it was making everyone hungry enough to stop what we were doing to help them get the food ready!

Steve Okunfuss opened the doors to Reno’s four years ago in 2001. With its humble beginnings of approximately 5,000 square feet, Reno’s has grown and expanded to its present size of 12,000 square feet for sales, service and parts. Reno’s has not only helped establish the STAR Riders Group Chapter 227 to promote motorcycle safety and camaraderie among motorcycle enthusiasts, they also are involved in several charities as well. We were lucky enough to be set up next to the Kansas City Poker Run booth and discussed their upcoming ride on Saturday, July 22, 2006. Be sure register for the ride and attend the pre-registration and post parties they have for you. Look for the recap article in our August issue of Cycle Connections located under Rides, Rallies and Events to see how much fun was had by all. Did I say pre and post party?

With Reno’s success, it was time for the grand reopening to show off the new space, new line of motorcycle clothes, leather, and of courses the new line of bikes. Among Reno’s new line of motorcycles are the Swifts. Steve rolled one up to our booth and said we could use the yellow Swift to let our model Meloney sit on when and if she got tired, so we took advantage of that idea. Hot bike and hot babe—isn't that what these events are all about? It was tough, but I was determined to struggle through the day at the booth with the BBQ, bikes and the babes—at least until the food was ready.

Riders began rolling in, and the parking lot was full more than one time with riders coming in for service, parts and to sign up for the Kansas City poker run, as well as for food, fun and to have their pictures taken with Meloney on the Swift that was on sale. The bikers were a fun crowd and were having fun just hanging around, eating, talking with us and shopping. Lots of bikers were visiting the sales floor to see the bikes, and I am told that the deals were so good that some didn't get passed up. So, hello to all the new riders and their bikes (and also to the OLD riders and their new bikes).

As our time ended at Reno’s grand reopening, we all could say, 'All in all it was a gorgeous day,' with only a few showers that didn't last long enough to hamper any of the festivities. No one had to run for cover, so the motorcycle gods once again smiled on us. There were bikes, babes, food and conversation amongst the riders about the upcoming riding season and last year’s rides. You know—swapping motorcycle stories of the nasty, hard ride or the fun-filled ride to favorite places.

As bikes roared in and roared out, the smell of fumes and the sight of all the cool bikes reminded you of why you bought your bike and what summer is all about—riding the roads to your favorite places. You know, it just gets you going and in the mood to plan your next road trip to explore this great land while riding the highways and byways, mountain ranges, or hills on four lanes or back roads. Whatever your pleasure in riding, it’s summertime and time to take a safety course, get your bike checked out at Reno’s and hit the open road with your friends.

Thanks to Steve Loy and Diane and all at Reno’s along with all those fun-filled customers for making this a great Saturday.

Story by Phil Peeler

Photos by Mike Schweder


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