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AutoBody on the Run – Professional Moulding and Painting

Written by  October 31, 2005

AutoBody on the Run is more than a catchy name; it’s a way of doing business.
Owner Mike Cupp and painter Scott Sharts don’t sit still. They are both in a state of perpetual motion. To provide service the way they do, sitting does not fit into the equation. Mike believes in some old-time business values that seem to be scarce in today’s world. He believes in providing quality professional work, with attention to all details. He does not stop there, as he believes in providing these services to the customer at a reasonable price.

Mike and Scott have over 20 years of paint and body experience between them, and it shows. The work their shop turns out is fantastic. You may wonder how I can be so positive about their work. I have seen it firsthand. In my daily job I am the service/parts manager at an RV dealership. Mike and his crew have painted coaches worth over $300,000 for my customers, and believe me, if it wasn’t done right, he wouldn’t be my painter.

To provide the quality of work he does, Mike has spared no expense. From the state-of the-art Magic Spray downdraft paint booth he uses, to the European ICI Autocolor finishes he applies, everything is top quality.

AutoBody on the Run is much more than a paint shop though. They can provide all of your fabrication needs on that custom you are building as easily as they can handle the insurance work on your factory bike. Sheet metal fabrication, frame molding, cleaning and mudding tins are all specialties available at this one-stop shop.

Do you want something a little different? Bring your ideas to Mike and Scott, whether it be custom graphics, pin striping, flakes, high solid custom clear coats—anything needed to make your bike distinctively yours. I am so impressed with their work, this photojournalist’s scooter will be coming apart this winter to get the frame molded and painted as well as some new color on the sheet metal, all at the hands of Mike’s crew.

If you need work done right at the right price and want it done when it is promised, whether it be on your scooter, car or truck, AutoBody on the Run is the name to remember.

By Loney and
Stephanie Wilcoxson


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