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JB Walker and the Cheap Whiskey Band

Written by  March 31, 2006

JB Walker and the Cheap Whiskey Band is an Atlanta, Georgia-based band. This biker band was started back in 1985. This longtime biker band will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2006.
I have been listening to JB's music for the last five or six years. I have always liked to work the rallies or bike shows where he is appearing. For me, this is one of the must-see bands on my list.
David Allan Coe is another singer who I like to hear, and I always thought his music had a great influence on JB's work. You can hear The Cheap whiskey Band playing Coe's songs at all their concerts. Their history of playing and singing together goes back a long time. You can always catch a show with JB at least once year playing with David Allan Coe somewhere in state of Georgia. Every Daytona Bike week David and JB play together at the Iron Horse Saloon.

JB Walker, the lead singer, was born in Atlanta in November of 1957 and now lives in Mableton, Georgia. He is a graduate of South Cobb High in Cobb County, Georgia and an ex-corporate executive with a food chain store. He left the corporate world and set off on a great music career. JB (Big Daddy) is now a world-renowned musician. His favorite entertainers are David Allan Coe and Bruce Springsteen.

The Cheap Whiskey Band has three other band members. The bass guitarist is Robert Bruno, also known as Dark Cloud. His last known address was in Villa Rica, Georgia. Robert began to play bass with The Cheap Whiskey Band back in 1989. He was born in Munich, Germany. He attended high school in Dennison, Texas. He is also a Vietnam vet and served in the Air Force. Patrick Shumake is the lead guitarist for the band. He was born in March of1964 in Americus, Georgia. Patrick was named one of the world's greatest guitar players by Brother Magazine in 1995. Tim Dean is the new drummer for the band and has been playing with the band for the last few months. Two of the founding members are still with the band. Terrance Daniel is the manager of JB and The Cheap Whiskey Band. Terrance is kept busy doing bookings and looking for new venues for the band to play. He is a former United States Marine, biker and longtime business associate of the band.

The Cheap Whiskey Band over the years has made some great albums like “Pour the First Shot,” “Iron Horses,” “Harleys In Heaven,” “Iron Horses And Wild Women 97,” and “Over 40 And Half Naked.” Whether they are playing their original music or others, they will entertain you all night long with their brand of music. This famous biker band is a group of talented musicians. Their music is appropriate for the biker rallies and stock car races where they are familiar sight. This biker band is well known in Daytona Beach, Florida and at the Iron Horse Saloon. Where you find bikers, you will find this band playing.

Every year the band is called upon to help to entertain the bikers who come to the Ride To Save Babies in Atlanta at Lakewood Exhibition. The Peachtree Thunder Parade through Downtown Atlanta and Buckhead starts at 1 p.m. Last year, nearly 3000 riders helped raise more $274,000 for newborn screening programs in the state of Georgia. You can find the band members up in the V.I.P. section ready for the trip to Buckhead and back. This October 1st, JB is scheduled to play from 2 to 4 p.m. The March of Dimes can count on The Cheap Whiskey Band to provide their talent on ride day.

Last October at the Milledgeville Thunder Rally I had the chance to talk with JB Walker behind the stage about his music. The most exciting time for me at the rally was when I got to go on stage with JB Walker and take pictures up close. He later told me that he brought a little of home to the guys and gals in the armed forces. The biker-rock band has been playing for military audiences since Operation Desert Shield. JB and his band have been to Iraq twice to play for the soldiers and sailors. In 1999, JB and The Cheap Whiskey Band entertained U.S. troops for the seventh time as they rocked through the Balkans. In 1993 on the ship USS Denver
(LPD-9) while off the coast of Somalia, JB and The Cheap Whiskey Band came aboard and played for the crew. The soldiers and sailors thought this was an awesome band everywhere they performed. I don't understand why someone would go to a war zone to entertain the troops and put their life in danger, but I believe it has to do with their patriotism. I know how it is to be in the Navy and away from home. Just to hear some music or see someone from the states will take you home for a couple of hours. This great southern rock band that plays through the south has performed in 28 states and 32 countries around the world.

In my opinion, JB and The Cheap Whiskey Band is one of the hottest biker bands in the world. One of the things about attending JB Walker concerts is the wide variety of music that the band plays. Walkers' music is for and about the American biker with songs of rebellion and whiskey and women. If you enjoy listening to country music, biker or rock, this is the band for you. With songs from David Allen Coe to the Rolling Stones, his music is about what people care about. You will be jumping at your table or dancing on the dance floor. Help the band celebrate their 20th anniversary in music by going to their concert this year.

For more about JB and The Cheap Whiskey Band, go to their web site www.cheapwhiskeyband.com.

Story and photos by Tommy Pittard