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For You We Ride

Written by  November 1, 2018

  For You We Ride is a Poker Run fundraiser for breast cancer assistance charities.

This ride was also an attempt to break a record and get into the Guinness World Book of Records. There were some 80-motorcycle dealerships from around the country that joined into this record-breaking attempt.


  There was certain criteria that had to be met by each dealership during this poker run in order to satisfy the Guinness folks, including KSU to be in conjunction with each of the dealerships, total length of the ride and recording of each of the riders at each of the stops.

  Rider's Harley-Davidson in Trussville, Alabama, was the local host dealership on Saturday, September the 22nd, 2018, it was an escorted ride that left from Rider's and headed over to the American Legion Post # 171 in East Lake for the 1st card draw. Not sure why the first card wasn't drawn at the registration location like most poker runs but anyway, from there the ride went to the Legion post in Leeds, #107, for the 2nd card, then on to Valero on Hwy 78 in Moody for the 3rd card and refueling. For card #4, the ride went to the Roadhouse Riders RC in Odenville, then back to Rider's Harley-Davidson for the 5th and final draw.

   All of the riders had to hit all of the stops as a group.

 The ride ended at Rider's with other activities, like food and music, and of course, the announcement of the winners! Awards were done in the form of gift certificates from Rider's Harley-Davidson.

Best hand got a $250 Gift certificate, 2nd best got a $100 Gift certificate and the 3rd best hand took home a $75 Gift certificate.

  Still waiting to see if it broke a record!

Just a brief intro to the organizers of this event.......

Rhonda L. Thompson-

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I was instilled with country roots and Christian morals. I am the oldest of three and the daughter of a preacher who doubled as an oil developer; life was never boring. Our mother was a stay-at home mom who ran a loving home. I graduated from Beggs High School, after which I continued to work in many different industries from oil to construction to corporate. I spent many years showing my own three girls how important it is to work hard for the things you need, want, and have.

When my father passed away, our family shook. We all worked harder as that is what he did and we all lost touch. As my girls grew and began to chase their dreams, I found myself aspiring to do more. I was taught to never give up when there is something you believe in. Then my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and my world came to a halt. Suddenly looking toward other goals didn't seem as important. My sisters and I found ourselves spending as much time as possible with her and each other so that we did not make the same mistakes that we made when we lost our father. She inspired me to keep fighting for my dreams and my goals. Shortly after her passing, Event Solutions LLC was created. After years of working as an administrative assistant or back office coordinator for a construction company, I am finally able to start a company with my own goals in mind and nothing is going to hold me back.

My goal is to support Oklahoma talent and help the world see how amazing they are. However, that is only half of what I aspire to do. My aim is to plan events such as fundraisers to help those around us in ways that are not widely recognized. Like any small business, we will encounter both positive and negative, but we know it’s important to keep pressing on. Each day we will continue to work towards being better. Growing up we were taught about giving, without asking why. The legacy I hope to pass onto my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren is that there is no greater reward than to serve others without recognition.

Becca Warren-

The youngest of three, I am 14 and 12 yrs. younger than my sisters; raised by a preacher/oil developer and a stay at home mom. My parents were always the guiding hand that I needed. When I had my three children early in life, my parents were the anchors of stability and the voice of reason to guide me through parenthood.

In 2013, when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer the instinct to run and hide was overwhelming. I couldn't run though, she was not only my mother and my rock but also, my best friend. We would consume hours a day on the phone or spending time together. Watching her go through treatment was brutal, again my sisters were right there making sure everything was handled and she was taken care of.

I was so caught up in her actual treatment I had forgotten that her day-to-day life was still there. Bills were due, life was not standing still it continued to come day by day. It wasn't until I witnessed my mother’s absolute joy for the check she had received from a grass roots assistance charity, which allowed her to pay some bills; that I realized how difficult it is for so many other people who are having to choose between paying bills or medicine. Formulating the idea for a world record attempt support run, which would benefit breast cancer assistance, I couldn't help but feel like this was something that had to happen. In the two-year process of researching and planning this event we have talked to so many people who have similar stories.

   There have been moments that looked as if this event wasn't possible, but we continued to overcome obstacles and setbacks. The stories need to be told and continue to be told, these assistance charities need our support. The difference they make is literally life changing for patients in the wearisome struggle of treatment and life. It is my personal goal to help as many families as possible feel the vibrant joy that my mother received during her battle.

It is my wish that everyone going through treatment knows that they are not alone! There is a network of volunteers, support resources, and help from all directions across the country, ready to standup and help.