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The Best Little Rally in Alabama Written By: Thad Rich

Written by  June 27, 2018

             In 2008, the small town of Grady, Alabama awoke to the rumble of Harleys roaring through their township. Marvin Askew had opened the gates to the local bikers to come and do what they do best, which is to-PARTY! Add live music and games to the mix and they did just that. With people showing in the hundreds; Shine in LaPine Bike Rally quickly grew to be known as the “Best Little rally in Alabama".


                On its 15 acres of land, the rally has hosted some of the greatest local bands around the southeast. The stage is very recognizable with its large platform and three stripper poles lining the front. The lay out of the rally creates amazing acoustics for the bands, thanks to Don Dillard, the brains behind the sound engineering.

                What sets Shine in LaPine rally apart from the rest is the family aspect of everyone that comes. Even the new folks are welcomed with open arms and treated with respect. The Golden rule of biker code is widely used. “Give respect, get respect”. It is our mission to take working class America in behind our gates, let them have three days of a judgement free atmosphere so they can unwind and let loose from the day to day struggles and hardships. Just leave the stress at the gate.

                In the early days of rallies, bikers came together once a year to see their long lost brothers and sisters, in today’s tech controlled world it is very easy to keep in touch with one another, but we forget how much human interaction really matters. This is where our family comes to take form. We try and keep close to the roots of rally culture the best we can in this day of age.

                Shine in LaPine is 21 to enter and is biannual. It’s held the third weekend in May and October. Join us on Facebook by simply searching Shine in LaPine Bike Rally or keep track on our web page at shineinlapine.com. Come join our little growing family!