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Tattoo Contest-ABATE of Iowa Freedom Rally-Algona, Iowa

Written by  August 27, 2017

People who attend the annual ABATE of Iowa Freedom Rally at Algona always have plenty of entertaining activities to choose from.  In fact there are so many, it’s almost impossible to take them all in.  One that is certainly worth making a priority is the tattoo contest held each year in the food court area.  Picnic tables at the south end of the area become the stage on which all kinds of amazing tats are judged in various categories, 

One element of such contests that contributes significantly to their entertainment value is an emcee who appreciates and understands the skin artworks and is able to quickly come up with witty comments that get the audience involved in the contest.   ABATE of Iowa is lucky to have the team of “Scarry” Jerry and his ol’ lady who are outstanding in this role.  Sometimes the tats themselves contribute to the humor.  As an example, one young man had a very simple tat with a “W” on each butt cheek.  Jerry was quick to point out that this was a “MOM” tattoo with an anatomical feature forming the “O” and that if he were to do cartwheels, he could spell out “MOM-WOW-MOM-WOW-…”

At the beginning of each category, contestants were invited to step up onto the table and point out which of their tats they wanted to enter in that category.  Almost all of the contestants had multiple tats, and many had tattoos that fit in various categories.  Audience applause was measured using a smartphone app, and the field was narrowed in stages until a winner was chosen.

The first category was Cartoons, and the first winner was J.C. Koblock of Elk Run, Iowa whose body was covered from head to toe with a wide variety of tats, many of which were cartoon characters.  The second category was Fantasy won by Carson Ricord from Fairmont, Minnesota, with an absolutely stunning representation of Miss Liberty as a Native American on his upper right arm.  Third was Female Appreciation.  The artwork showed women of all descriptions, some clothed and some semi-nude or nude.  Some portrayed women of various occupations.  The winner was a lady whose tattoo showed herself as a welder.  Christina Maxey of Sioux City, Iowa, was actually employed as (You guessed it.) a welder.

The Rims and Rides class featured various bikes and riders.  One man had a variety of views of Evel Knievel on his Harley.  Another had the famous Firebird logo from Pontiac’s Trans-Am on his back.  The winner, Chris Jira from Wisconsin had a skeleton with a bullet hole in the skull riding a wide-forked bike directly toward the viewer. 

Wildlife winner Hannah Huse from St. Cloud, Minnesota, had a gorgeous, colorful Phoenix bird running the entire length of the right side of her body.  She had lots of great competition with various animal depictions, even including the orangutan Clyde from “Every Which Way But Loose.”

Biker Lifestyle went to Kybo Kid of Nevada, Iowa, for a depiction of his shirtless father in younger days on a Harley.  Skulls/Demigods/Demons went to Beefcake of Adrian, Minnesota.  His chest was covered by an intricate pattern featuring many skulls and the inscription “An eye for an eye”

A major crowd favorite category was W.T.F. Was I Thinking?  Anything goes in this category.  One man had a tat on his forehead that was done to win a $50 bet.  Jerry had lots of fun with the wisdom behind that one.  A lady had a beautiful tat or her and her ex.  A guy had a “cute” dolphin tattoo.  Two ladies entered as a team with each having a tattoo of a Minion with a hand raised (one on her right hip and the other on the left) so that a high five could be accomplished by bumping hips.  Another contestant had a large, very elaborate, and very strange design on his back featuring Jesus riding a Tyrannosaurus Rex and Satan descending on a Pterodactyl.  Another guy can truly and quite literally state that he has your name tattooed on his butt, and, by the way he has your name 2.  Along with that, he sports a unicorn with a penis in place of the horn.  There were other great ones, but the simple MoM was a winner for young Kyle Oney from Sawesville, Minnesota. 

At one point a contestant experienced a seizure and tumbled from the stage.  The situation was handled quickly and expertly by the fine emergency services staff at Freedom Park.

When that situation was resolved, the individual having recovered, it was time for the overall winner selection.  The Native American Miss Liberty won for Carson from Minnesota.  The crowd was treated to a lively contest and some amazing ink.  Congrats from Cycle Connections to all of the competitors and winners.

Look for our overall coverage of the 2017 Freedom Rally to be published October 1.


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