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Veteran Motorcycle Riders Web Site Review

Written by  January 31, 2004

With today’s power of the internet, web sites are creating additional opportunities to communicate ideas and goals for both individuals and businesses. However, any one of them can become lost among the thousands of listed sites, or stand in the forefront, based solely on how a particular search engine rates them. Many individuals want their sites to remain as private as possible, although easily accessible to their members. Other sites try to gain as many viewers as possible, sharing their views with anyone willing to navigate their web site and read their material.

As a veteran, I have explored the web for several years, searching for military veteran sites. To date, I have found 67, with many of them being motorcycle related. I have decided to start listing some veteran motorcycle web sites and begin reviewing the more popular and unique ones each month.

I will share my findings and web site listings with you, and in return, I hope you will send me additional listings for review, which I may have missed. The ultimate outcome would be to create a network of veteran riders and clubs, sharing interests and issues. I also see this as a possible platform to raise our concerns as one large voice, much like the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) does for all riders and their legal rights. There are several great sites that have initiated the same concept, but it seems they are regionalized by their club membership. Eventually, I would like to rally our readers and the various clubs to select key veteran motorcycle rider issues, agree on a strategy and move it towards resolution.

To get our new direction off to a good start, I think this quote by Henry Louis Mencken is right on target: “The military cast did not originate as a party of patriots, but as a party of bandits.” As we all know, the Boston Tea Party was about unfair taxation without representation. What was started by a small band of unhappy citizens, quickly turned into a national uprising. Following this same theme, we may not be well-organized, nor angels, but we are bonded as brothers and sisters; we are our Nation’s veterans.


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First Listing of Veteran Riders web sites:

Bikers and Veterans – Kansas City

Black Berets M/C – Albuquerque

Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association

In Country Vets M/C – Kentucky

Military Veterans M/C

Military Veterans Motorcycle Rat Pack

Patriots M/C – United Kingdom

U.S. Military Veterans M/C – National

Veterans Brotherhood M/C – National

Vietnam Vets and Legacy Vets M/C – Texas

Vietnam Vets M/C – Rocky Mountain Region

Vietnam Vets and Legacy Vets M/C – “A” Chapter California

Warrior Brotherhood Veterans M/C