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Lane Splitting

Written by  July 29, 2015

California has been the only state that allows lane splitting. While there is no specific law addressing lane splitting one way or another, police were allowed to use their discretion in whether to issue tickets for the maneuver.

Assembly Bill 51 was written to address lane splitting; a maneuver in which a motorcycle may go between lines of traffic. The bill passed the Assembly by a 53-11 vote, before heading to the state Senate. California’s Bill 51 would have introduced caveats to lane splitting, including not exceeding 50 mph or going 15 mph faster than traffic. However, the bill was shelved in early July when questions about its implementation and restrictions were raised. The bill could be presented again next year. Some organizations are at odds over it, with some saying it is a safety measure and others saying “motorcyclists create problems whenever they travel on a narrow path between moving vehicles. All it takes is a blind spot for a collision to happen when a car is changing lanes.” The AMA is opposed to lane splitting.