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Individualism and Imagination: Part II

September 14, 2003
Veteran vs. Biker? Maybe not.How does this story tie in to this veteran’s page? My childhood story reflects my early development and display of individualism and imagination; two character traits that would take me down a life-long path of bikes and a military career.Over time, I’ve observed that many individuals with a military background share numerous traits as those who ride motorcycles. Traits such as individualism, imagination, a strong sense of adventure, risk takers, the need for speed, like being different, not afraid of being alone, seek out tight friendships, and will back a buddy in a tight situation; did…

Individualism and Imagination: Part III

August 31, 2003
Tying it all together.As I look back at my self-determining childhood challenges and dreams, I now realize how they helped me prepare for the seriousness of riding and a military career. Both paths led me to develop the vision and skills capable of modifying just about anything to make it work; which at times varied between the desire for comfort, necessity or just plain survival. These skills did not come naturally. Some were taught, many were developed by hands on experience, and much more came through in-depth reading. I have been taught plenty by my father, friends and a few…

FUEL American Made Bar & Grill

November 30, 2002
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Birmingham Race Course

November 30, 2002
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