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Accident Insurance for Motorcyclists – Are You Covered?

Written by  April 30, 2009

It happens frequently throughout the year and the effects range from minor to devastating. I am talking about accidents. Because of the inherent dangers associated with riding a motorcycle, riders tend to be much more aware of what is going on around them than the average driver. Therein lies the issue.

Too often a good rider goes down to an oblivious driver blowing through a stop sign, impulsively changing lanes, or turning onto the street into the path of a motorcycle. If you have ridden for any period of time, you know someone who has been a victim of a motorcycle accident or have even been one yourself.

My experience came via phone from my sister calling from the emergency room. She was enjoying a beautiful summer day on her bike when she crested the top of a hill only to be staring at the tail lights of a car as it was backing up the hill. Fortunately my sister’s riding skill allowed her to avoid hitting the car solidly at 40 miles an hour, but she clipped the corner of the bumper and was thrown into the ditch.

Had she not been wearing a helmet and proper riding gear, her injuries could possibly have been life threatening; as it happened, she ended up with a shattered lower leg, cartilage damage to her knee, and some cuts that required stitches. After surgery to repair her leg, she spent five days in the hospital before being released to recover at home. That is when the real cost of the accident became apparent.

The lady who caused the accident fortunately had insurance which covered the doctors, hospital, and medically related costs of the injury. The bad financial part of this accident came when my sister realized she was faced with the question of how was she going to pay her mortgage, car payment, utilities, and food for the next six months while she couldn’t work Most people only look at the cost of an accident in terms of the doctors and hospital bills. What they fail to foresee is the loss of a paycheck can be more devastating than the accident.

There are several forms of supplemental insurance that help protect a rider’s assets in the event of an accident. Believe it or not, there is actually “accident” insurance. Most of these policies are very inexpensive and pay specific amounts for specific injuries, i.e., a broken leg will pay X amount of dollars. The best policies offer lump sum benefits should you be hospitalized, require physical therapy, undergo surgery, etc. Accident policies are great in that they pay out for any injury whether it is as minor as a few stitches or as major as being in the hospital for an extended time. The key thing with accident policies is they pay cash directly to the policyholder to use however they need it. There are a couple of companies that offer this kind of insurance for either individuals or through a group program. One of the more recognized companies for this type of insurance is Aflac. Due to the inexpensive cost and the potential for significant payouts in the event of a bad accident, this form of insurance is hugely popular in the motorcycle community.

A more commonly known insurance is “short-term disability.” This policy will replace a portion of a rider’s income while they are unable to work for a period of time specified by the policyholder. This type of insurance is very affordable and typically works out to cost around one hour’s worth of wages per week. This policy is most often available through your employer either on a group basis (one size fits all, everyone gets the same thing) or a voluntary basis (those who want it sign up and they select the amounts of coverage). Short-term disability is a must-have for a rider who has any kind of assets/debts and relies on his paycheck every month to meet his bills.

As we are all getting our bikes ready for the riding season, now is the perfect time to reevaluate our insurance coverage. Bad things can happen to good riders, and while most of us feel confident that we are going to be safe this season, statistics tell us some of us are going to be wrong. Are you prepared financially should it be you?

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